February 01, 2004

Yes, it's a body!

It may not be a sweater yet, but I’ve reached the point on the body of the Lett Lopi sweater where I set it aside and start the sleeves:

For anyone who’s interested in seeing what the Lopi looks like up close, here’s a closeup of the stitches. I’ve started the first sleeve, but I’m still on the ribbing at the cuff. I can’t wait until that’s done, because it uses double pointed needles; I’m getting better at using them, but I still dislike them fairly heartily.

I’m also working on seaming and finishing the coat. However, there are a few issues to deal with during this process. First, I don’t have enough yarn, at least of the colours I should have. Perhaps this is due to my increasing the size of the two front panels, though I wouldn’t have thought that would make such a drastic difference in yarn usage. I was supposed to have enough of the dark grey to do a 5 1/4” collar, and two 2” front bands. Instead, I shortened the collar slightly and did the second half of it (which is folded back to the inside) in the maroon:

This leaves me with a very small ball of the grey, a fair amount of the maroon, and two small balls of the white to finish the front bands. I think I’ll do them both at the same time, so that I make sure they’re the same, and start with the maroon. I may well have to do a row or two of the white or the grey in order to get the full width. I hope it will look okay.

The other problem is seaming. The bulky yarn is way too thick to seam with, even if I had more of it left over. I tried splitting a length of it into two two-ply strands, but this yarn is very loosely spun, and the yarn isn’t really strong enough to seam with. I’ve done the shoulder seams, but I’m going to have to reinforce them. I would use the grey lett lopi, since it’s the same colour, but I don’t want to find myself short of yarn for that sweater, so I don’t want to use it until I’m sure I have enough extra yarn.

Anyway, I’m sure it’ll all work out, but I think the finishing will take as long as the knitting did!

And as soon as it’s done, I can start Rogue…

Posted by Aven at February 1, 2004 11:40 AM