February 03, 2004


First, knitting content: all the pieces of the coat are finished blocking (with, I’m happy to see, full approval from Tigger) and I hope to sew them up this evening. The front bands do seem to have stretched with blocking, so they may yet work. I’m only a few rounds from finishing the first sleeve of the Lett-Lopi sweater - it’s going faster than I thought it would, probably because I’ve been knitting it while I’ve been doing my reading, and I’ve actually managed a fair amount of reading recently. Which is about to change somewhat, since when I go into school today I’ll be picking up the draft of my Major Field paper, which a member of my committee has just looked at. She said it was close, but that there were a couple of things to change; and those things, of course, are the very things I find hardest to do. So I will be writing, not reading, for the next few days.

I also wanted to follow up the pictures of my sister’s cat. We took those when we were staying with him at my parents’ house over Christmas. He’s only 7 or 8 months old, and very sweet and loving, but he has way more energy than our 7-year old Tigger. When they were first introduced, there was a state of cautious detente:

However, this soon degenerated into a state of “stalk Tigger everywhere he goes and leap on him repeatedly, even though Sasha loses every fight because he’s half Tigger’s weight”. It was a little wearing, especially when the Battle Royales happened at 3 in the morning. But there were occasional moments of peace and harmony, befitting the holiday season:

Mark and I decided, after showing Pirates of the Caribbean to my parents, that Sasha was, in fact, the demon monkey from the movie - with all the energy and mischief of our simian friends. And he is thus enshrined in our memory. Apparently he misses Tigger, now that he’s alone at my parents’ house; but I’m sorry to say that I don’t think Tigger misses him!

Now I’m going in to school to go to the gym, do some reading at the library, and teach my class in the evening. Actually, I won’t be doing much teaching; they have a test for the first hour, and then one of my Teaching Assistants is taking the lecture for the second hour. But I’ll be there, to make sure the students don’t just leave. They often think that the TA’s lectures aren’t important (i.e. testable). Which is not true, at least in my classes.

I hope to have an FO to show you tomorrow!

Posted by Aven at February 3, 2004 10:20 AM