February 15, 2004

The saga of crinkle-head

Well, yesterday being Valentine’s Day and all, Mark and I were intending to spend it quietly together, in a relaxing and enjoyable manner. However, events intervened, as they so often do, and things didn’t quite work out as planned.

When Tigger came in yesterday morning around 11:00, about two hours after he went out, it was clear that there had been some sort of Altercation, since he was covered with mud and had managed to get his right front paw completely through his collar (which is the stretchy kind designed not to strangle a cat should he manage to do such a thing - it had fulfilled that part of its mandate well, but he still didn’t look very comfortable!) and was limping around looking disgruntled. We took off his collar and wiped off some of the mud, and he settled down to his breakfast quite happily. We looked him over a bit for wounds, and he did have some scratches and little patches of missing fur, but nothing drastic, and he didn’t seem to be in pain from any of them, so we decided to leave him be. He was little quieter than usual, but we assumed he was still recovering from his (undoubted) loss in the fight. (We think he goes around picking fights and consistently losing them, though we have no proof - we’ve never seen “the other guy” at the end of the fight!). However, a little while later Mark was petting him and suddenly called out “You’d better come here and see this!”. It turned out that when we patted the top of his head, that forehead/between the ears part that cats always want to rub on your hand, it crinkled. That is, it felt like there were little air-bubbles under the skin, which moved around when you pushed them, and make a “crinkling” sound almost like cellophane. It was freaky weird, let me tell you! I’ve never experienced anything like it. Tigger didn’t seem at all worried, and he wasn’t reacting as if he was in any pain, or as if the spot was tender, but it was still very unnerving.

Anyway, to cut an already long story short, we managed to get an appointment for 6:20 at the vet, spent the day worrying, and then took Tigger in. It turns out that he has a small puncture wound on the top of his head (which we’d noticed, but it didn’t look very big or scary), almost certainly a bite, and that had allowed air to be introduced under his skin, and then the wound had closed, leaving the air in there. Apparently this is not particularly uncommon, though usually it happens with larger wounds. The air itself is not a problem (it should slowly be absorbed by his body), but it indicates that bacteria may have been introduced into his body, and that could lead to a rather huge abcess. So, Tigger’s now on antibiotics, and we’re applying a warm compress to his head a few times a day to try to encourage any intrusive matter to come out through the puncture. He’s clearly not back up to his full energy level, but his head still isn’t hurting him, and he’s not acting feverish, so we’re not too worried. However, his head is still “crinkly”, and it’s still very unnerving. And that is the saga of Crinkle-Head!

We did manage to get home in time to salvage some of our Valentine’s Day plans - we ordered excessive amounts of Chinese takeout from the lovely restaurant on the corner and watched the hockey game. Then we watched “An American in Paris” followed by “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”, accompanied by Häagen Dazs ice cream and a bottle of Ice Wine. In the end it was quite a pleasant evening, in spite of the worries of the day.

And now, a picture or two to reward you for making it through the saga. On Friday the wool for the kitty bed came, which was immediately approved by Tigger:


I started it last night and worked on it during the movies, producing this:


You can just see the start of the third colour; there’s one more skein to go after that, and then it will be felting time. I want to get this done quickly so that Tigger has somewhere comfy to lie as he recuperates from his crinkliness. For that reason everything else is on hold until the bed is done - which shouldn’t take long, since I’m working with Bulky Lopi again.

I’m sorry, btw, if you’ve been having problems accessing this site - there have been some problems with my friend’s server (that hosts this site), which have caused him to have to do various complicated things that involved this blog being down for a while. May I just mention, once again, how much I appreciate his kindness in hosting and managing this site, and many others? Thanks Mike!

Happy Sunday, everyone.

Posted by Aven at February 15, 2004 12:45 PM

How sad for Tigger! Mercury is always angling to get out of the house, and Steve constantly has to corral him in; he would be an AWFUL patient if he were to get into any outdoor scrapes. His brother, Zeus, is much milder to deal with and doesn’t seem to be very interested in outdoor adventures.

Best wishes to Tigger on a speedy recovery! I’m sure the new bed (gorgeous, btw) will help!

Posted by: Anita at February 16, 2004 10:16 PM

You’re quite welcome!

Posted by: shaver at February 17, 2004 12:48 AM