February 18, 2004

Nearly finished!

I’m getting close to the end of the Lett Lopi sweater! I finished the patterned yoke last night and started the ribbing for the neck:


You can see a close-up of the stitches here. I think I should be able to finish the neck tonight (there’s a second collar knitted inside this collar) and, I hope, graft the underarm stitches, and then I’m done! I’m horrible at grafting, though, so it is possible it won’t all get finished.

I also cast on for the body of Rogue, but that is literally all I’ve done, so it’s certainly not picture-worthy yet! And the second sleeve looks just like the first sleeve (fortunately), and so doesn’t need much photographing, I think.

It is possible that I’m spending a little too much time on knitting/blogging, and not enough time on working - or at least that’s what a certain member of my department thinks (Hi Anne-Marie!). However, I did hand in my major field paper to my committee today, so I think that shows progress. Now there’s just the two exams and the oral… oy.

Now I’m off to compose probing and elucidating questions about books 9-16 of the Odyssey to guide my students through those dangerous waters. I hope I’ll have an FO to show you tomorrow!

Posted by Aven at February 18, 2004 04:05 PM

I think you cat bed is wonderful and have a friend with a wonderful cat that would love one of these. Could you tell me how to find the pattern and where you got the yarn? I would really like to make one. Thank you.

Posted by: Cathi at February 18, 2004 04:29 PM