February 21, 2004

Not knitting

No real knitting content today. I’ve been working on the body of Rogue, but I haven’t done enough rounds to bother taking a picture of it. Instead, I’ll tell you about the tv premier we attended last night.

Well, not exactly. A friend of ours worked as Assistant Director on a television show being produced in Ottawa, and he was in Toronto for the airing of the first episode. So, we joined him at the Duke of York pub and turned up the sound on the closest tv and watched the show. I should mention that the show is called “Mann to Mann” and is about two sisters running their father’s male strip club. Yup. Lots of male semi-nudity and cheesy strip scenes. Woohoo! We got some strange looks from the other patrons, but I saw them sneaking peeks at the show! I seen ‘em, I tell you!

The show is actually pretty funny - it’s cheesy, but it is set in a strip club, so the cheesiness is fully justified, and it had some funny lines. For anyone in the Toronto area who wants to check it out, it’s on the NewVR at 10:30pm on Friday, for the next 5 weeks. And you already know as much about the premise as you need to understand it!

It was also fun to see friends from out of town, of course. And we’re breaking with long-established habit by going out today, as well - two days in a row! Shocking. We’ll be hanging out at a friends house and watching the Hockey Day in Canada festivities. I’m bringing my knitting, so maybe I’ll have something photo-worthy by tomorrow.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Posted by Aven at February 21, 2004 01:09 PM