February 26, 2004

Another blogger!

Not too much knitting done - I’ve finished the back and am almost at the split for the neck on the front of Rogue. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

The big news around here, however, is that my husband Mark now has his very own blog! No longer must he live vicariously through the comments on my blog! At the moment there is no particular theme to his musings, though he will probably write a fair amount about his various passions: language (and its history), books, music and gourmet cooking. If you feel like dropping by and saying hello, I’m sure he’ll be delighted. Mark is very supportive of my knitting (we’ve dubbed him my Knitting Squire because he does all the support jobs for me - helps me wind balls, attaches new balls, and rewards me with demonstrative displays of excitement when I reach a knitting milestone, no matter how small) and encouraged me to start this blog; now it’s his turn to explore the wonderful online world that is the blogging community, and see how he fits into it. Have fun, sweetie!

Posted by Aven at February 26, 2004 11:23 AM