March 05, 2004


Well, that’s over with (I hope!). The commentary exam went alright, though I made some minor mistakes in my identifications. It’s always hard to know what the examiners were expecting from my commentary on the passages, and I felt rushed doing the 6 passages in three hours and wasn’t sure I’d written enough for each, but I don’t think I disgraced myself, which is something, anyway. Now I just have to wait to hear whether I will be permitted to go on to the oral examination stage - which won’t be until the 24th or so, if it happens, because my committee won’t all be in the same city until then! For now I’m not going to think about the next stage of the process, and I’ll just enjoy being finished this stage. Yay!

All of which means I can finally turn back to knitting matters. Tonight I’m going to start my husband’s aran sweater - I know, it’s almost spring, what am I do working on such a heavy-duty winter project? I seem to have finished less than I intended to this winter, or become sidetracked along the way (oops - a Rogue made me do it!), so I still have the yarn for one more winter project. Even though Mark certainly won’t get a chance to wear it this year I’m going to work on it now, because if I leave it until next fall I’m sure to get sidetracked by some other new project, and then it will never get done. Anyway I feel like more cabling, since I enjoyed Rogue’s cables so much.

Speaking of Rogue, there are a few details I wanted to record about this project, but I think I’ll use the extended entry to do so (partly just because I’ve never used this feature, and I want to try it!).

Pattern details

  • Yarn and needles: Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann in “Nutmeg Heather” (408), 100% wool, 4.75sts/inch, knit on 5mm needles both flat and in-the-round (3.75 mm for hem facings). Used 12.5 balls.
  • Final Gauge: 4.5sts, 6.25 rows; the pattern called for 4.5sts, 6 rows
  • Measurements: I knit the 43.5” (bust size) version. My Rogue measures 24” from shoulder to hem; 20” across bottom hem; 22” across body at underarms; 22” from shoulder to wrist hem. The schematics called for 23.5”, 21.75”, 21.75”, 24” respectively, so there are variations, but overall I’m pretty close.

Changes and choices

  • I didn’t knit the pocket, partly because I wasn’t sure I wanted one but mostly because I was afraid of running out of yarn. I’m glad I didn’t knit it because I would have run out of yarn, but if I make this again I think I’ll add the pocket - I’ve grown to like the way it looks on everyone else’s sweaters!
  • I knit the sleeve hem facings using twisted stockinette and then sewed them down, but knit a 1X1 ribbing for the body hem facing and knit it in as I went. I think I prefer the 1X1 ribbing because it doesn’t bias and so is easier to line up - on the sleeves there are portions without hem facing because they didn’t lie flat. I might still sew the sleeves down and knit in the body, though - I quite like the visible line at the bottom hem caused by knitting it in, but I don’t know if I’d want that on my sleeves.
  • I need to learn how to graft; I used the 3-needle bind off to join the hood and it worked fine, but it would look better grafted.
  • I tried to use the pattern’s instructions for making 3sts out of 1 for the beginnings of the cables, but I’m not convinced I was doing them right - I think I need to see how it’s done in person. There are holes at the bottoms of the cables, noticeable to me (though probably not to anyone else).

This was very fun to knit, and I learned a lot about cables and about sweater construction. I might consider knitting it again, though I have other projects to work on first! If I do, I’ll try a heavier, more “outerwear” yarn. The Peruvian wool is very soft and looks lovely, but I’d like a version that’s more rugged, as I’ve seen on many of the knit-along blogs.

That’s all for now. On to the next!

Posted by Aven at March 5, 2004 03:49 PM

Thanks for sharing all the details! Your Rogue is lovely. And good luck on your Ph.D work, I admire anyone who keeps going to school and subjecting themselves to exams and papers for that long!

Posted by: Teresa C at March 6, 2004 09:20 AM

Yay, honey! congrats!

Now, DON’T think about the next stage of exams till you have to. Long walks, exercise, hot baths — and read some Really Bad Books of No Intellectual Value At All.

That and knitting should take care of you!

Posted by: Anne at March 6, 2004 12:43 PM