March 06, 2004

Arans everywhere!

Now that I have a bit of a reprieve from exam studying, I’ve been able to start a new project. It’s an aran sweater for Mark, from a Patons pattern - the details are in Works in Progress on the sidebar. I enjoy working with this wool - it shows cables beautifully - and my (fairly) newly learned skill of cabling without a cable needle is increasing my speed quite significantly. Nonetheless, I’ve only managed to get two rows past the ribbing, since last night I messed up the setting of the pattern and had to rip back to the ribbing. In lieu of a photo of the new project, then, I thought I’d share one of my favourite pictures, which shows off the two aran sweaters I’ve previously knitted; the man on the left is my father, wearing the aran I gave him for Christmas this year, while the man on the right is my husband Mark, wearing an Alafoss Lopi aran-style sweater I made him several years ago. The cardigan I’m wearing is also handknit, but I didn’t make it - my grandmother bought it in Donegal, Ireland, and gave it to me for Christmas. The picture was taken on Christmas Day afternoon this year, when we all went out for a walk wearing our aran sweaters (Christmas was unusually warm in Ottawa this year, so we were able to be out without coats - by the end of December temperatures were back to their seasonal -15C norms).


If you’re interested, you can see a better picture of my dad’s aran here and of Mark’s Lopi here.

Does it make me very, very twisted if one of the ways I’m going to reward myself for finishing the Major Fields written exams is to do our taxes? Yeah, I thought it did. But I’m still going to do it, and probably even enjoy it. I think it’s the satisfaction of getting everything from last year tidied away and organised, and the hope of getting a little money back, too! Which is probably not going to happen, realistically, but I can always dream.

Of course, I can’t take the whole weekend off - I do have to make up a test and the exam for my class, and write my lecture notes for Tuesday. But somehow that seems enjoyable, compared to the last week!

Have a great Saturday!

Posted by Aven at March 6, 2004 12:57 PM

Beautimous sweaters! I understand how doing taxes can be a treat (not that mine are done) but I’ve used cleaning and yard work as rewards for getting through a big project. Although, M&Ms are more effective for me!

Posted by: Patty at March 6, 2004 08:56 PM

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Yes, I am still planning on doing my own Rogue, and in the same color family, if not the exact same shade. I just wasn’t planning on doing it until next fall, since I have so much spring and summer stuff I want to do. My recentedly finished Bed ‘n’ Breakfast sweater is definitely the last cold-weather item I’m doing for a while.

Your Rogue looks gorgeous!

Posted by: Lizzi at March 7, 2004 02:32 PM

Congratulations on finishing the exams!

I can definitely see how doing taxes can be a treat; as an undergrad, I’d save homework from my science classes to do when I needed a bit of thinking differently than my classics and history classes called for.

The sweaters are lovely.

Posted by: Lydia at March 8, 2004 01:33 PM

You guys make a great trio! The sweaters are wonderful.

Posted by: at March 8, 2004 10:13 PM

What a beautiful photo of three beautiful arans and aran-wearers…makes me feel good just to look at it!

Posted by: Lisa at March 8, 2004 11:41 PM