March 12, 2004

Merci aux amis de Tintin!

Thank you for the advice about Tintin charts! The links that Krista Jo gave me were great — good, clear charts of Tintin and Milou. However, they weren’t charted on knitting graph paper, but on square graph paper, so I was worried that the images wouldn’t look as good when they were knitted up, since knitting stitches aren’t square; they’re wider than they are tall. I printed out the chart I wanted to use, as well as a couple of sheets of knitter’s graph paper (which is graphed into rectangles that more closely approximate a normal knitted stitch) from this handy site, and copied
part of the chart over to it exactly (counting squares). This resulted in the Tintin at the top of this image; as I had feared, he looked a little squashed. So I re-drew him, adding length but keeping the width the same, to get approximately correct proportions (the bottom head in the previous image shows the beginnings of this attempt). Finally I recopied that onto a clean sheet of knitter’s graph paper and added Milou in, adjusting the length of the image so that key points still lined up with Tintin. The image was a little wider than my graph paper so I taped the other sheet to the paper and finished Milou. I think it looks pretty good, in the end:


I added the shaded portion for his hair — the original was a line drawing, but I want to do this in colour. I’m currently working on finding a shade of yarn that approximates Tintin’s rather unique hair colour. My plan is to add this chart to a basic sweater pattern, doing the colour blocks in intarsia and duplicate-stitching the black outlines on afterward. Mark says he’ll even consider wearing a brighter shade than usual, since this is a Tintin sweater (and hence hardly likely to be particularly professional no matter how subdued the background colour!), so I think I’ll do the background in a fairly bright blue, to suggest the usual colour of Tintin’s own sweater.

I’ve spent far too long on this today, even though I’m not sure when I’ll even be starting the knitting — I’ve got several projects lined up already, not to mention the ones I’m working on right now! But it’s amusing me, and it should be fun to make. I just hope it’s recognisable as Tintin when I’m done!

And as for Tyla and George’s pleas for Cpt. Haddock, I think that will have to wait. Unless you want to chart it out for me yourselves…

Posted by Aven at March 12, 2004 05:36 PM

That TinTin chart is PRICELESS! We’re big fans of TinTin over here…thanks for sharing.

I’ve just now started visiting your weblog. You do beautiful work (the Arans are gorgeous) and your photos are so happy. I love nice smiling shots :-)

Posted by: Becky at March 13, 2004 08:55 AM