March 15, 2004

Uncharted waters

First, thank you to everyone who wished Tigger well. He woke up the next morning with all of his usual bounciness, and was most annoyed when we refused to let him out; we wanted to make sure the cut had healed well enough that he wouldn’t re-open it as soon as he went outside and frolicked. By today we couldn’t resist his entreaties any longer, so he’s been in and out all day and none the worse for it. Now that it’s dark he’s inside, as always (he’s not allowed out at night or in the early morning), and all is back to normal. Until the next time…

Second, Lydia asked a good question in the comments: what sweaters am I intending to make with the new yarn? This is a good question because the answer is “I don’t know”. You see, Mark and I have been having real problems finding sweater patterns he likes that aren’t arans. It’s not that he’s terribly picky — though he certainly does have well-defined, and somewhat conservative, tastes — but that there don’t seem to be many plain, appealing men’s patterns out there for worsted weight yarn. We want something with simple knit/purl patterns, in solid colours; no cabling, since Mark feels that makes the fabric warmer, and we’re trying to do lighter-weight sweaters. Something like this:


which I made for him from a Paton’s pattern a while ago; this particular sweater is 100% wool, however, so it doesn’t qualify as light-weight. (A fuzzy picture of Mark wearing it is here, but it doesn’t show the texture very well). So unless we can find something soon, perhaps in Men in Knits: Sweaters He Will Wear, which I’ve just ordered, I think I’ll try my hand at a modest bit of design, something like what I’m planning with the Tintin sweater. I’ve also ordered 450 Knitting Stitches, and I think I might just try pulling out a couple of nice knit/purl stitch patterns from it and applying them to a basic sweater shape. I don’t really know what pitfalls I might run into along the way, other than needing to keep the continuity of the pattern while shaping, but my naive assumption is that it probably won’t be too difficult, as long as I choose patterns that don’t affect the gauge. Any advice or warnings would be much appreciated!

And, finally, even though it doesn’t feel like it here right now, I can tell that spring’s approaching. Two separate blogs I read have been talking about bees: Anne (the Mar. 14th entry) and Lord of the Squirrels. Both people, perhaps not coincidentally, are medievalists; but the topic of bees definitely feels pretty spring-like to me, and leads to thoughts of flowers and frolicking through meadows and the rebirth of the world. Doesn’t it? Maybe I’m just starting to feel restless…

Or maybe it’s the yummy lamb we had last night for dinner, as an early celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Since this entry is already rather long, I’ll just say that it involved marmalade and Irish whiskey, and urge you to go on over to Mark’s blog for the recipe and a detailed description of the dinner, complete with many photos. We like to go to excess in our cooking, and now we can document it all!

Posted by Aven at March 15, 2004 07:37 PM

I’m enjoying Mark’s almost lascivious food pix, but will save full comments for him.

Posted by: Susan at March 25, 2004 09:08 PM