March 28, 2004

Maintaining focus

I really, really want to start new projects. But I don’t want to give up on the ones I’m working on now — I just want them magically finished. Except that I want to have finished them myself, because what’s the point of knitting something if you don’t knit it all yourself? So, as usual, I want the impossible.

But I’m being good and continuing along with my rows and rows of beige. One sleeve of the aran is done, as is the back of the Shapely Tee (sorry, nothing suggestive about this picture — my shoulder blades don’t need very much ease!). I’m now just beginning the front of the aran and the sleeves of the Tee, working both sleeves at once. I’m optimistic that the Tee will be done soon, but the aran’s going to be a while yet. Mark certainly won’t be wearing it until next fall, since we seem to be pretty firmly into spring.

I’ve been spending the weekend alternating between cleaning the house and knitting, with progress on both fronts; only the kitchen left to tackle, and then the first “tidy and clean the obvious disgustingness” phase will be over. We’ll see if I get past that — usually it takes the impetus of visitors to make me actually clean as opposed to tidy.

Soon, I’ll be gardening. Things are definitely stirring out there … little daffodil buds are visible, so it won’t be long now.

And finally, because I feel I haven’t posted a picture of him very recently, and I must keep up my obligation to the “KnittingKitty” webring, I leave you with a picture of Tigger in one of his favourite places, the linen cupboard:


Posted by Aven at March 28, 2004 05:03 PM

Hi Aven! I’m glad you made and liked the granola! I keep telling myself that I don’t have to make it sweet, but it’s so good that way!! :)
Your aran and shapely T are looking great! It is so easy to lose focus for me too. IT is just so much darned fun to START things! The promise of things to come and all…..
Tigger looks positively (or should it be “pawsitively”) comfy and sure of himself! :)

Posted by: Sandy at March 28, 2004 05:31 PM

So as a very minor trailer along in the knitting march, I would like to announce for Aven to know, that I have actually FINISHED, and indeed WORE, TODAY, the little mauve silk sleeveless top that I started a year ago last Christmas. Hmmmm. However, without Aven as my inspiration, I would never have finished even that… And at least the multicoloured sweater which is also underway is progressing row by painful row at the rate of about 7 a week, or one row a day. We obviously are built v. differently, in terms of knitting obsession, at least. Think of me as a very lazy turtle.

Posted by: Susan at March 29, 2004 09:16 PM

I love the way that you summed up the wanting to have old projects be finished.

Please do show pictures of your garden once more is visible. Is it flowers, vegetables, some combination, or something else entierely?

Posted by: Lydia at March 29, 2004 09:18 PM

Huzzah! Well done, Mom. I can’t wait to see it — though I suppose I’ll have to, since we won’t be up for Easter (I did tell you that, right?). The difference in our knitting pace might possibly be the many, many other things you do in your life — just possibly! You are doing it for fun, right? No need to apologise for taking your time!

Posted by: Aven at March 29, 2004 10:34 PM