April 05, 2004

Hmm. Sensing a pattern?

Oh dear. Stephanie warned me about this. I haven’t even cast on for the socks in the first batch of self-patterning wool I bought, and now this arrives:


Damn you, Elann. It’s that scarcity marketing — I don’t need this yarn now, but what if it’s gone by the time I do need it? (Hah. Need. Now that’s self-deception if I’ve ever seen it!). Obviously I must immediately buy enough yarn for 5 pairs of socks, just in case!

This just seemed like such neat yarn — cotton and elastic, perfect for socks that won’t fall down and can be worn beyond the depths of winter. I don’t usually wear wool socks, so I was a little concerned about making too many pairs out of wool/nylon, but I knew plain cotton wouldn’t be the best idea. This seems perfect… of course, we’ll see if I still think so after trying to knit with it! I have no idea what knitting with elasticated yarn will be like.

In other news, I came down with an annoying cold on Saturday night, and have been moping around ever since. Last night I didn’t get to sleep until well past 4 a.m. because my nose was dripping and my head felt like it was going to explode. Bah. Spring colds are horrid — though I’ve got to admit it doesn’t feel much like spring right now; down to -7 overnight, and -11 with windchill this morning! Some Easter week this is…

Enough grumping. It’s sunny out, and spring will come, probably sooner than later. After all, the baseball season has started! Eternal optimism, that shall be my watchword.

Posted by Aven at April 5, 2004 05:30 PM

Ooooo, sock yarn
I just finished my first pair of socks; just after sock #1 was finished (really, like less than an hour after) I bought a ton of sock yarn … I guess I am officially sock-obsessed.
Glad to know I’m not alone!

Posted by: Chris at April 7, 2004 09:10 AM

What did I tell you….the allure of self patterning yarn coupled with scarcity marketing, deadly.
All you have to do to get me to buy any yarn is tell me that it’s discontinued. I shudder to think about the consequences of discovering discontinued self patterning sock yarn.

Posted by: Stephanie at April 8, 2004 02:07 PM