April 14, 2004

Slow and steady

First, some knitting news — it’s been a while! I finished the front of the aran:


One more sleeve, and then I’m on to the finishing. I’m hoping to get a fair amount done on the sleeve tonight while watching hockey, so maybe it won’t be much longer until the sweater’s done. The baby blanket, though, will be a while yet; I only work on it while reading blogs in the morning, and I’m not yet half finished it.

A while back I mentioned that I would post some pictures of our back garden in its early spring state, before it’s really started to grow; today there was finally a conjunction of me remembering to take the pictures and a sunny day, so here they are. This is looking towards the left from our tiny back porch:


and this is straight ahead and to the right:


Rather unprepossessing, at the moment. Against the far left fence there will soon be a frighteningly quick-growing profusion of hops, but right now they look like this. The strip on the right is the herb garden, filled with perennials such as sage, various types of thyme, lovage, tarragon, and so on. A few years back we tried to grow a salad mix in the bed towards the back of the garden; we were never able to satisfactorily tell the difference between the exotic lettuces and weeds, so we never used the resulting greenery; the only thing we could recognise was the radicchio, because it’s bright red. All the other plants have disappeared, but the radicchio is thriving, and spreading out into the lawn:


I can’t quite bring myself to uproot it because it’s so pretty, if rather ridiculous (raddichulous?).

It’s a fairly modest and not terribly carefully tended garden, but it pleases us, and produces quite a few useful and edible things. I’ll put a couple more photos up as the season advances, just for interest’s sake. (I’m interested, anyway; I don’t know if anyone else is!)

And, finally:


Posted by Aven at April 14, 2004 02:15 PM

Oh, I love that aran! Gorgeous!

(And thanks for the pix of the garden — nice to see you backyard!)

Posted by: Anne at April 15, 2004 07:25 AM

Gorgeous Aran! Excellent use of a garbage bag, too. ;)

And “Raddichulous”! Nice one.

Posted by: alison at April 15, 2004 11:53 PM