April 20, 2004

Obscure skills

I have suddenly found my Classics training useful in an unexpected way — as part of an art project! Last night I spent an hour or so sitting in front of a microphone and reciting short passages of the Odyssey in the original Greek; these were recorded and will be used in a “sound collage” based on the poem, which a friend of ours is putting together for a friend of his. It was a little odd, because I’m actually not terribly skilled at reading Greek, and my greatest fear is that one of my professors will somehow hear this production and be deeply saddened by the poor quality of my recitation. Still, it was intriguing, and so nice to find my more obscure skills useful to someone!

I’m almost done the last piece of the aran — pictures tomorrow, maybe, if I can manage to knit tonight and am not overcome by the stress of a Game 7 between Toronto and Ottawa. Urgh. Go Leafs! Please!

Posted by Aven at April 20, 2004 04:13 PM