April 21, 2004

Bring on the Flyers!

Thank you boys in blue! Not only did you win Game 7 to move on to the next round, you scored two early goals, saving me from the multiple heart-attacks that would definitely have accompanied a close game. Hurrah!

To add to the excitement of a successful conclusion to the hockey game (and playoff series), I ventured into (for me) unknown territory — knitting in a pub.1 I couldn’t pass up the hours of knitting time while I watched the hockey (plus I find the knitting helps relieve the inevitable tension of enduring important games) so I decided I would brave the strange looks, humorous comments, and smoke. And in fact it was fine — I got some curious questions and discovered that one of Mark’s friends was a new knitter, giving us lots to talk about. And I finished the sleeve, with no mistakes or drastic beer spills, in spite of the excitement and the imbibing of alcohol. Watch out, Toronto pubs, I fear you no longer!

The sleeve, however, looks exactly like the first (thank goodness), so no pictures until the sweater’s sewn together and finished. At which point it will be put away, of course, since it’s far too warm now for a pure wool aran. Instead, I’ll give you a Tigger picture, since it’s been ages since I’ve posted a gratuitous cat shot. Here he is engaged in his second-favourite activity (after sleeping) — wreaking havoc.


1 To Mike and Tyla: sorry, the evening worked out a little differently than I expected. Not 5 minutes after I sent you that email saying Mark and I couldn’t come over to watch the game because we had too much work to do, Mark (the person who had decided we couldn’t go out because of work) phoned from the pub he’d gone to with friends after a talk at his department, and suggested I join them there to watch the game. Silly boy. Still, we’ve now got minimum four more games to watch, so what are you doing on Thursday night?

Posted by Aven at April 21, 2004 12:47 PM

When in pubs, I knit. We are just sitting there, so I think it is the perfect place, well, other than the smoke.

When I go with people from work, they think it odd if I am not knitting. So you go girl, and I will keep my eyes peeled for you!

Posted by: Lisa at April 21, 2004 02:39 PM

Oh, don’t worry. Mike was out of town, so I wasn’t really watching hockey anyway. Well, okay, I caved after walking down Bloor and hearing cheers. But I muted the remaining 2/3 of the game and mostly played on the computer, so it still wasn’t very social. You didn’t miss much. ;)

Thursday is Angel Night, as usual, so we’re expecting people to come over to watch it on tape. However, the TV in the dining room — I know, you thought it was a poorly designed doorstop — actually gets CBC, and Mike and others will likely be hunkered down in front of that. And with luck, we may finish watching Angel in time to catch the third period on the big screen!

Posted by: Tyla at April 21, 2004 11:23 PM