May 20, 2004


So, this conference in Quebec City was the annual meeting of the Classical Association of Canada, and I gave my first-ever conference paper at it. I’m happy to report that everything went well, at least from my perspective; my paper was in the first session on the first day, and no one asked any nasty or difficult questions, so I was able to relax and enjoy the rest of the conference. Which I did — the location was fabulous, everything was run very well and went very smoothly, I had lots of lovely food and wine, and I met a number of very friendly and interesting people. So, all in all, it was a very successful trip.

The days were, however, very long and busy, and I don’t yet feel that I am in a position to pull out my knitting while listening to the papers, so I didn’t get a huge amount of knitting done. However the train rides were 9 hours long each way, so I did get some things accomplished. I’ve finished the second toe-up sock, and started another pair, this time in a true self-patterning yarn, which I find extremely fun to knit with.

There is a sad note, though. In preparation for my previous trip to Ottawa I had put together a small collection of knitting tools necessary for knitting and finishing the socks: a tape-measure, nail scissors, a larger dpn for casting off, some waste yarn for holding stitches, a tapestry needle for threading said yarn through stitches, and a crochet hook, all of which I put in a nice embroidered make-up bag. This was very compact and useful, and I brought it to Quebec as well. However, when I got off the train in Quebec City I left it on the floor under my seat by mistake. The people at the Quebec City train station didn’t find it, and I haven’t been able to ask at the Montreal station yet, but it looks like it’s gone forever. Nothing in it is irreplaceable, though I did like the make-up bag, but it meant that I couldn’t cast off the sock I finished the first night when I arrived, and had to put the stitches onto some yarn so that I could use the needles I had to start the next sock. Tragic, isn’t it.

Oh, in response to questions on a recent entry — the picture of Mark was taken at a carolling party over Christmas, and the sweater he’s wearing is one of the first I made for him, with heavy Icelandic Lopi. There is an obvious error in a cable near the neck, but at the time I wasn’t persnickety enough to fix it. And Mike, I don’t think I’m taking orders quite yet, but if I can ever satisfy Mark’s insatiable desire for knitted garments I may start looking for other recipients of traditional male sweaters… I like knitting them but I really can’t wear arans and other heavy sweaters because they’re too warm.

That’s it for now — I’ve got to get back to my work and convince myself that I’m not on vacation, even if the weather has become distractingly lovely!

Posted by Aven at May 20, 2004 07:07 PM

Oh, very good!

Great start to conference life.

And it gets easier, too. Glad you had a good time, sugar!

Posted by: Anne at May 21, 2004 07:08 AM

Congratulations on the paper! Could I ask what it was on?

Posted by: Lydia at May 21, 2004 07:40 AM

Ah, shoot - I’d be lost if I lost my little “implement” bag - I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that it’s just taking a day or two to make it through the VIA system.
I’m in Toronto, too, BTW!

Posted by: Patricia at May 21, 2004 01:27 PM

Well I feel I am earning my very first tiny little knitting credit in that, last night, Ian and I (Aven’s dad and mom) went to the Bayou Blues and Jazz club here in Ottawa to join in the jazz jam — at least Ian did; he played sax in 3 different groups, way to go! While I sat on the sidelines, not only knitting to the beat of the big bass, but drawing a few comments, looks, etc., with the result that there is now a new knitting group in Ottawa — the Jazz Knitting Gals. Other members: Chris Fagan (Claude Dupuis’s partner, Aven), and a friend of hers I haven’t yet met, plus future possibilities. So knitting has been introduced into low life by your mother. Are you proud of me?
— Mom (Sue)(Jazz Knitting Gal)
ps— it’s not quite as impressive as knitting at an academic conference, mind you, so do tell me when you get enough oompah to do that!

Posted by: Susan at May 21, 2004 04:45 PM

Congrats on your first conference paper! That’s a real milestone! Sorry to hear about your toolkit, though; I love mine, and when you have tools you’re used to…well, let’s just say that losing things sucks.

Ciao and hugs!

Posted by: Anita at May 21, 2004 09:15 PM