May 28, 2004


First, I’ve finished the first of the striped socks:


It’s not easy taking pictures of one’s own foot, especially when one is trying to display the sock on said foot to its best advantage; my first attempts produced some rather artsy results. I’m also making progress on the sweater for Mark, though I had to rip out several inches and I haven’t yet caught back up. It seems that the acrylic I’m working with, while achieving the stitch gauge perfectly, is off on the row gauge. The pattern I’m using gives a row count, not measurements (because it was originally written for a striped sweater), and I didn’t think to check if the body was truly long enough before I bound off for the armholes and started the shaping. It turns out it was about an inch too short, so after working on the armhole for a few days I had to pull it out, knit an inch further, and then do the shaping again. Irritating, but it’s my own fault for not checking earlier.

In other news, we went to see Troy today. I won’t bore you with a full review, but I will say that while they changed some major plot points (a number of important characters who should have survived died, while several people who should have died survived), and there were of course any number of minor inaccuracies (but really, it’s a mythical story set in an only partially known historical period, so how accurate can anyone be?), I actually thought that the movie captured the feel, emotions, and motivations of the epics quite well. Much better than most other attempts at dramatizing the ancient world, at any rate. Other than Achilles saying that the gods envied humans their mortality (which is pretty much the exact opposite of the oft-stated archaic Greek view of life and the gods), I thought the values and attitudes expressed by the characters were pretty true to the Iliadic world-view.

Plus, I found it quite moving. Now, anyone who knows me knows that it isn’t very hard to make me cry over a movie, and it’s true that I might have been reacting as much to my memory of the Iliad as to the movie itself, but I still found it remarkably emotional to see that story come to life. Call me insufficiently critical-minded if you like, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Now I’m off to enjoy the evening and hang out with an old friend who’s in town for the weekend. In spite of Stephanie’s complaints and dire predictions (completely justified, of course, considering the weather we’ve had for the last few weeks), it’s actually sunny today; not warm, but sunny. We’ll take what we can get! It’s barbecue time again!

And I’ve harvested more mint from our garden for mojitos…

Posted by Aven at May 28, 2004 06:03 PM

Nice sock!

Heh heh… changed ‘minor’ plot details like making the siege last 2 weeks instead of 10 years? ;)

I think it would have been much better had the gods actually been characters in the film. The story without them is, IMHO, only half told!

Posted by: Krista Jo at May 29, 2004 11:35 PM

Aven, Hello.
your site is too funny! however, i am contacting you regarding something a bit different. I am considering changing my name to AVEN, and you are the only person I found on the web that has it!
Can you give me any history on this name? background? is it your real name, or a pen name?
its a rather intriguing, exotic sounding name. i first saw it in a celtic text somewhere..
many thanks.. Sue.:):)

Posted by: Suzanne at June 1, 2004 03:43 AM

Hi Aven, it’s your roomie from Quebec here! I was just reading your blog to see how you were. It’s a great blog.
But I must say I don’t agree about the movie Troy… The absence of loud grieving women seemed very un-Homeric (not even men were strong and silent back then, were they?), and the helmet cam cracked me up, not to mention the “Odysseus’s Big Idea” scene (couldn’t you see the light bulb lighting up over his head?).
On the plus side, I did have an interesting time trying to decide if Agamemnon was played by Inspector Drefus from the Pink Panther movies (apparently it wasn’t him). And Brad Pitt really is quite attractive.
But I liked Gladiator much better, historical inaccuracies and all.
- Catherine.

p.s. The self-patterning sock yarn makes a nice discman carrying bag, by the way. And since I don’t need to make a pair, it won’t matter if the pattern is inconsistent.

Posted by: Catherine at June 3, 2004 04:03 PM