June 12, 2004

Small victories

I’ve finished the second child’s sock, and they mostly match:


I’ve also finished an adorable baby’s sock:


Forgive the silly shot — I was borrowing from (copying) the Yarn Harlot and her tendency to pose her finished objects in her garden; however, I think she does it much more gracefully and successfully. Still, it’s beautiful outside today, and while our garden has been disgracefully neglected this year (even more than most years), it’s still valiantly producing some lovely things. A digital camera makes taking pictures of such things far too tempting! Right next to the flowering thyme in which the baby sock was nestled were some newly-opened sage blossoms:


I think they’re beautiful flowers, and they smell wonderful — a cross between sage and perfume.

We also have our first strawberries of the year:


These are alpine “wild” strawberries, so they’re fairly tiny, but they’re delicious, and they ripen quite early compared to cultivated berries.

I’m almost finished the first sleeve for Mark’s sweater, so maybe tomorrow I’ll have another picture for you; and then on to the front. I hope it goes a little faster than the back — at least now I know in advance about some of the issues, so I shouldn’t have to do any ripping.

Enjoy your weekend!

Posted by Aven at June 12, 2004 12:31 PM

I think your garden shot is just as nice, if not nicer. That sock could make any garden look great.

Posted by: Stephanie at June 14, 2004 10:40 PM

Garden shots are a wonderful thing to see on a knitting weblog. Keep them coming :-)

Posted by: Becky at June 15, 2004 01:49 AM

Your socks look great! As with you, I can never manage to make both socks look the same at the toe. Everything else matches, but about 1/2” of the toe.

Posted by: Lisa at June 15, 2004 11:07 AM

Do you know what happened in Montreal? Someone stole my knitting bag, with almost the whole front of my new multicoloured sweater finished. Aacckkk! I have however valiantly started it again.

Posted by: Susan at June 24, 2004 10:35 PM