July 12, 2004


Yesterday was an absolutely perfect day. In fact, my whole weekend was pretty darn fabulous — but yesterday was particularly amazing. On Saturday we had dinner with friends, bbqing on the roof of their condo building on Queen’s Quay West, overlooking the lake, and that was wonderful — though bittersweet, because they’re leaving the city in August, off to Cornell for a job. We’ll miss them!

There was an element of sadness about Sunday, as well, because the day started (nice and late — that was part of the joy!) with dimsum to say goodbye to another couple, who will be leaving Toronto for Philadelphia for school. However, it was lovely to see them, even if sad to say goodbye, and dimsum was, as always, superbly yummy. After dimsum those of us who weren’t heading off to the airport started wandering — it was a perfect summer day, warm, even hot in the sun, but not too humid, and pleasant in the shade. So we wandered around Kensington Market for a while (which is now closed to cars on Sundays — there were street artists and musicians and the place was pleasantly crowded — very civilised!), surveying the vintage clothing and bulk spices shops. Then we headed down to College St. and hung out on a patio drinking beer and/or gin and tonics for a while… and then wandered a few more blocks and had some gourmet ice cream… and then wandered back to our place, sat around in the backyard eating takeout bbq’d chicken from a local Portuguese grill-shop and drinking wine, and chatted until everyone was tired and went home to bed. Perfect. It couldn’t have been a more relaxing and enjoyable day — so much so that all of us kept commenting on how wonderful it was all day, because we couldn’t quite believe it! I didn’t do any work at all and I didn’t even feel guilty. Pure pleasure.

And, to top it all off, there was even some knitting excitement! While we were in Kensington Market I stopped by Lettuce Knit, which I’d read about on other Toronto blogs but hadn’t yet visited. It’s a lovely and tiny store that carries mainly slightly more high-end yarn than I usually buy — but it gave me a chance to fondle some of the yarns I’ve only seen on other people’s blogs. And, unsurprisingly, I was seduced, even though I can’t really afford those yarns and I already have lots of projects waiting. I bought some Rowan Cotton Tape to make a poncho. I’ve been seeing ponchos everywhere, and while I’m still a little unsure if I’m cool enough to wear one, it seems so silly not to take advantage of my knitting abilities to make one, especially since they’re so easy. So, while the collar of Mark’s sweater languished upstairs, last night I started the poncho while we sat around in the garden, and by this morning I had this:


I believe I was won over in part by the luscious, decadant yarn and in part by the cute little bag the kit came in:


The pink needles, the pattern, and two beaded stitch-markers were also included in the kit. Totally indulgent, and utterly satisfying. Now I just have to make sure I wear the poncho!

Even though today was a bit more back to reality, I’m still glowing from the happiness of the weekend. And we’ve got lots to look forward to this week — though I’ll talk about that later, since this entry is already far too long!

Wishing you all as much contentment as possible!

Posted by Aven at July 12, 2004 06:28 PM

Wow, how wonderful, a day and weekend to remember. But who left?

Posted by: Susan at July 20, 2004 04:46 PM