September 23, 2004


Another exceedingly enjoyable SnB last night at Lettuce Knits — I know I don’t really have time to spend a whole evening knitting and chatting, but I do have such a great time, and I’m very happy to get to know the other knitters who attend — they’re such interesting and friendly people!

In the course of last night’s stitchin’ I finished the front of the Cabaret Raglan. It doesn’t have as good stitch definition as the yarn called for in the pattern, so the cables don’t show up terribly well, but I still like the way it turned out. I’d show a picture, but it’s currently blocking on a black garbage bag and every picture I take is full of the glare of the flash or is too blurry to show the detail. I’ll wait until it’s dry and try to take a reasonable picture then.

I’ve started the first sleeve, which shouldn’t take long. I’m really looking forward to having this top to wear, especially since I think it will be exactly the right weight for the fall. Must knit faster…

Thanks, everyone, for your compliments on Mark’s sweater. I really appreciate it when people comment, and I always love praise, of course! It adds so much enjoyment to my knitting to know that other people understand how great it is to finish a project and be happy with the result. What fun this all is!

Posted by Aven at September 23, 2004 04:55 PM