September 28, 2004

Feeling better

Ok, I think that second sleeve was cursed, but I’ve finally wrestled it into submission. After deciding that I would go ahead and do it “wrong” to match the first sleeve, I managed to mess various bits of the pattern up at least three times, each time being forced to rip out at least 8 or 10 rows. And I had already knit this sleeve pattern twice! I don’t know what was wrong with me / it … but I persevered, and last night I finished the sleeve and blocked it, so tonight I’m hoping to do the seaming and the collar, and then I’ll be done! I want to wear it to the SnB tomorrow… except that I also want to wear it to the Knit Wit launch party on Saturday… is it gauche to wear the same thing twice in front of the same people in one week? (Remember, I don’t go out much anymore, I’ve forgotten basic rules of socialising!)

Thanks for all the sympathy and encouragement, everyone. That’s what makes blogging so satisfying, the support from others, even when it’s all the fault of my own stupidity!

Oh, and thanks to my frustrations about Cabaret the second sock that I’ve been working on forever has reached the point of turning the heel, so I may yet actually finish this pair!

Posted by Aven at September 28, 2004 05:37 PM

Glad to here the sleeve is done. It really can be frustrating when you want something different.

You won’t be wearing the sweater in front of all the same people—I want to see it Saturday.

But take my advice with a grain of salt—I don’t get out much anymore.

Posted by: Steph at September 28, 2004 06:25 PM

wear it both days!

Posted by: laura at September 28, 2004 10:55 PM

That’s great that the sleeve is done. Man, it’s frustrating when things just won’t work out.

I think that you should wear that bad girl with pride both days. After all, it will be fellow knitters that you are wearing it in front of.

Posted by: Rebekah at September 29, 2004 10:02 AM

Whenever I’ve made a sweater that I like, and it actually fits me, I try to wear it every single dang day. Give it an airing on days you have nowhere to go.

I’m not even kidding. xox Kay

Posted by: Kay at September 29, 2004 12:15 PM

Is it gauche for someone to wear her own design at the launch party when it’s also in the window at LK?

Posted by: j. at September 30, 2004 10:32 AM

Hell no! It’s all about bragging rights :)

Posted by: kelly at September 30, 2004 01:17 PM