October 14, 2004

Commissioned Sweater

At the cottage I was knitting on a sweater for my dad. He commissioned me to make him a replacement for a favourite sweater that he lost last year. After describing it to me he looked through a book of stitches and decided that the sweater he used to have was done in Fisherman’s Rib all over. I made him a swatch, and we confirmed it — and chose Paton’s Classic Wool as the right yarn for the job. Now, this is going to make a lovely, warm sweater that will suit my dad very well and be all that he wants it to be. I’m happy to make it. However, the stitch is not designed for quick knitting — not only is it 1X1 rib, but each knit stitch is knit in the stitch below (see link above for a description of the stitch) and so it takes two rows of knitting to achieve one row’s worth of height. In other words, this is going to take a long time! I think I’ll need to work on other things as well, if I’m going to keep my sanity!

Thanksgiving weekend was good for getting knitting done, though. Lots of sitting and talking or singing. I managed to knit most of a sleeve, and finished it Tuesday night:


It’s hard to show what the stitch really looks like, but here’s a fuzzy shot of the cuff and the beginning of the arm, showing the difference between normal 1X1 ribbing and the Fisherman’s Rib:


I’m now working on the back of the sweater, and am about 2” above the ribbing. Stay tuned for more brown ribbing pictures!

Posted by Aven at October 14, 2004 06:11 PM