February 14, 2005


Oh, the joys of not being productive!

As a Valentine’s Day treat to ourselves, Mark and I have devoted today to NOT doing anything we have to do — mainly, of course, that means no school or work. It’s Reading Week, so we don’t have to teach, and we’ve decided we can take one day off. We slept in until 11:00 and have lazed around all day, doing crossword puzzles and eating fattening food. It’s been wonderful.

Speaking of Mark, he’s decided to try to get his own blog going again. This has been such a busy year for him that he hasn’t been able to keep up his entries — but he’s starting up again. If you have a moment, drop by and say hi!

Dad’s sweater is drying… I’ve got a fan going in the room it’s in, to try to dry it more quickly. It should be ready to mail by tomorrow or Wednesday, I think!

Posted by Aven at February 14, 2005 05:03 PM

Sounds like a heavenly day!

You’re going to have to take a picture of SOMEONE wearing the sweater before you send it off, no? Don’t keep us in suspense!

Posted by: laura at February 14, 2005 06:52 PM