February 22, 2005

Getting there

First, my dad did get his package — on Friday — and he loves the sweater. He says it fits perfectly and is everything that he wanted (this was a commissioned sweater, and dad had a particular sweater in mind which we tried to reproduce). That makes me feel very good — there really is nothing better than making something for someone you love who really, truly, appreciates it. He promised me that he’d send me a photo of himself wearing it… I’m waiting! Can it be that he thinks there are things in the world more important than the blog?

I’m also getting there with Mark’s grey sweater. I finished the front:


(Tigger was in that mood where he follows me from room to room, so it was hard to get a picture without him. I certainly didn’t stage the picture. I wouldn’t do that!)

One sleeve to go, and then it’s finishing time!

I’m also in the final stretch of the first blue sock (made with my food-colouring dyed yarn). I’m finding it impossible to get a picture that’s at all accurate colour-wise, but this comes closest:


The rest of the leg will be that same purpley-blue. I’m very happy with this sock!

I’m not so happy, however, with this:


I’ve had these less than a week, and one is already broken. I was picking up a wrap on the short-row heels — perhaps a particularly stressful action for the needle, but one that any dpns I use for socks will have to be able to endure, since I’m very fond of short-row heels. Fortunately this set had 5 needles, so I’ve been able to continue using 4, but considering how much I paid for these needles, I’m not pleased. I think I’ll stick to metal needles for fine-gauged socks in the future.

And that’s all for now. Lunchtime for me, I think. Mmm, Chinese food leftovers…

Posted by Aven at February 22, 2005 01:02 PM

I’m SO sorry about your lantern moon needles!! I’m afraid my Brittany’s will snap like a twig when I start my socks on size 1 dpns. I LOVE the colour of the sock!

Posted by: Monica at February 22, 2005 01:43 PM

Sheesh, that didn’t take long. Sorry to hear about it. Do they have a guarantee or anything?

Posted by: Steph at February 22, 2005 01:55 PM

Bad needles, bad! Very, very good kitty! How kind of Tigger to artfully arrange himself for photo shoots!

Posted by: Anita at February 22, 2005 02:25 PM

oh no! that’s horrible. and very good to know that they aren’t as strong as we’d hoped. i’ve yet to knit anything with mine, as i’m still labouring away on a sock knit with size 0s (appearantly I’m a masochist).

Posted by: kelly at February 22, 2005 03:02 PM

Yikes, that’s not good news! I think you should write the company. Maybe they made a weak batch? It doesn’t sound like those were extremely stressful conditions for a needle. If you stepped on it, maybe, but that’s ridiculous!

Posted by: missbedora at February 22, 2005 03:56 PM

You should check with the manufacturer. I am pretty sure Brittany will replace broken needles, so it’s worth a try and will make you feel better, anyways.

Posted by: Elena at February 22, 2005 04:24 PM

brittany replaces anything, and so does clover i believe. so it would be certainly worth a try to get that replaced for you. or (unless you bought it at stitches?) bring it back to the store you got them from, sometimes my LYS will just replace a needle for me out of stock if they’re feeling particularly generous :) i LOVE the color progressions, by the way.

Posted by: alice at February 22, 2005 05:15 PM

Tigger and my Monk must be related. Anytime I get the knitting laid out he’s all in it.
Dad loves his sweater! Good for you! Always nice when they appreciate it and all the work that went into it.

Posted by: Ande at February 22, 2005 08:39 PM

I couldnt noticed that your sock needles seem rather long. Brittany makes a shorter version about 5” in length. They are really sweet to use, being much less vulnerable to breakage and the knitting seems to proceed at a faster rate. Right now I am making Fleece Artist socks with them.

Posted by: MaryLouise at February 23, 2005 07:56 AM