February 26, 2005


This is just a quick entry to wish my husband, Mark, a happy one-year blogiversary. He’s over at Alliterative, where he writes about various things, including academia, food, music, and medieval English. If you have time, it’d be lovely if you dropped by to say hello; he’s recently restarted his blog after a hiatus, so no one really knows he’s there, and he’d love to have visitors. And he’s such a wonderfully appreciative recipient of my knitting, and very supportive of both the knitting and the blog, that he deserves any help I can give him, directing people his way!

Also, thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments on the two previous entries. Yes, I do have wonderful parents; and yes, I do look very much like my mother! Not a bad thing at all, as you can see from the beautiful pictures of her!

Posted by Aven at February 26, 2005 03:40 PM