April 09, 2005

Brush with fame...

Yesterday was very busy (though lots of fun — the party was great, and then a bunch of us went to a pub for the rest of the evening; that’s almost unprecedented socialising for Classics grad students. Plus we sat on the patio… yay spring! Though it was pretty damn cold by the end of the night) so I wasn’t able to respond to the lovely mention of my parents in Stephanie’s Friday post. A belated “Welcome!” to anyone visiting from there. My parents went to Stephanie’s book signing at Yarn Forward in Ottawa, and I’ve stolen the lovely picture of them from Stephanie’s blog:


They’re wearing the Pacific Grove Pullover and the Fisherman’s Rib Sweater if anyone wants details. I’m so glad they made it to the signing, and met one of the stars of the blogging world. These on-line connections are just lovely…

This afternoon I’m planning on venturing out into the garden for the first time this year, to start the cleanup that we didn’t do in the fall. It’s a beautiful sunny day and term just ended, so I really don’t think I’m in the mood for doing any of the work I should do. That can wait until tomorrow. Today I garden, and start sewing up the Tintin sweater!

Posted by Aven at April 9, 2005 12:50 PM

Hey there!
You don’t know me but I stumbled across your blog while looking for the name of the new knitty cafe on Queen. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with tribe.net or not, it’s kind of like friendster but focused on tribes that are based on interests and swapping info and connecting. Anyways, I’ve just returned to Toronto after a year in San Francisco and tribe is huge there, not so big here, but I thought I would try to get it going, at least on a crafty level.

I have started the Toronto Crafters Unite tribe http://torontocrafter.tribe.net Come check it out. I’m going to be at Tequila Bookworm Thurs nights after 6:30 knitting and am encourging more people to show up to stitch and bitch. Consider yourself invited.

aka serious

Posted by: steph at April 9, 2005 03:47 PM

I’m halfway through Stephanie’s Knit Wit book and it’s fabulous! Funny, thoughtful, hugely entertaining — all that good stuff.

Posted by: Susan at April 9, 2005 04:46 PM

I stumbled across your website as I was looking for patterns to knit a sweater for my husband. I saw your cream Aran sweater and it looks fabulous! That’s exactly the kind of sweater my husband wants. Can you tell me how/where I can get that pattern? Thanks! - Thu

Posted by: Thu at April 9, 2005 06:15 PM