April 17, 2005


No pictures of Mark in the sweater yet, sorry — but soon. There just hasn’t been time. This weekend I was helping to organise a conference on “Plato and the Divided Soul” for an ancient philosophy professor in our department, which meant I was out all day Friday and Saturday and this morning setting up the reception and the coffee and the lunch and the dinners, and doing last-minute photo-copying. It all went smoothly, which was a great relief, but I’m exhausted. I didn’t get much sleep several of the nights either, for unrelated reasons. One of which was friends in from out of town last night (hi Anatole and Miriam!) so that was fun, of course, but I’m still tired. I also didn’t get much knitting done, though I worked on my green sock a bit while sitting around waiting for coffee to be delivered. Mainly, though, I translated parts of a German commentary on Catullus while sitting in a windowless seminar room… now that’s a thrilling way to spend a beautiful, sunny spring weekend! Ah well, it was lucrative and good experience, and most importantly it’s over now.

All this meant that I couldn’t get to the Knitter’s Frolic on Saturday, so I missed lots of Lettuce Knit SnBers stash enhancement and GTA blogger sightings. It sounds like it was lots of fun, though probably not good for the budget!

I also never posted about the book launch, which was tonnes of fun. Many of the other GTA bloggers have written about it — my one regret is that I didn’t mingle more and meet some of them. I meant to — but I was comfortable, and knitting, and surrounded by my SnB friends, and I never managed to get my butt in motion and out into the crowd after Stephanie’s talk. I feel like a bad, anti-social blogger — but really, it’s just my essential laziness coming out again.

The exam for the course I was teaching is tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll be into marking mode tomorrow. Nonetheless I’ll try to get a picture of my top-down raglan; I’ve finished the body and am working on a sleeve, which I may or may not redo if a) I run out of yarn or b) I don’t like the length it turns out to be. I haven’t really worked out what I’m doing with the numbers, so it’s a bit hit and miss.

And finally, thank you all for your compliments on the Tintin sweater. It’s been a lot of fun to do, and it’s been made even more fun by the enthusiastic cheering squad! I’m always happy if I can entertain you.

Posted by Aven at April 17, 2005 05:50 PM