April 26, 2005

Taking the plunge

After making detailed notes and careful calculations,


Ok, after scribbling some “schematics” and a 5 line pattern, I took a deep breath and produced this:


Impressive, isn’t it! And the good news — this is just one of the fronts, and I have 18 more inches to go before I start any shaping. Why do I suspect that this may not hold my interest exclusively for very long?

Thanks for all the advice and good wishes. I am using Felted Knits by Beverly Galeskas as a guide — it has a felted vest pattern in it. And I am fully prepared for it all to fall apart — but now I’m too intrigued by the challenge of trying to make it work to give up. So stay tuned for picture after picture of black stocking stitch…

Posted by Aven at April 26, 2005 11:32 AM

Thanks so much for visiting my site and the helpful post regarding my felted accessories bag! You have some great pics of FO’s. One of my best furry friends is named Tigger as well. :)

Posted by: Elizabeth at April 27, 2005 12:43 PM