May 17, 2005

Back from Banff

Hi again! I got back from Banff on Sunday night, but I’ve been running around since — I started teaching a summer course Monday afternoon, and had several important errands that had to be done yesterday as well. But I’ve finally worked my way through the 200 Bloglines posts that were waiting for me, and I’m ready to get back to my own blog.

I actually got very little knitting done while I was away — I was too busy going to talks and socialising with Classicists. And no, for those who wondered, I don’t feel comfortable knitting in the sessions — there are only 20 or so people in the audience, and I think it would be seen as rude. I wouldn’t want the speaker to think I wasn’t paying attention. There were, however, several other knitters there, so we did chat about knitting quite a bit (hi, Aara!).

To distract you from the lack of knitting progress, then, I’ll show you some pictures. First, I visited my cousin and his wife in Calgary for a couple of days. I didn’t manage to get any picutres of them (I forgot about my camera until the last minute) but I can introduce you to their lovely pets:



Both were very sweet and kept me company while Patrick and Shannon were at work (though I slept for alot of that time, too!). After spending a lovely couple of days hanging out with them, I joined up with the conference and got on the bus to drive from Calgary to Banff. Along the way the scenery was incredible, as we left the prairies and entered the mountains:


Of course the photo doesn’t do it justice, but I give it to you anyway. The conference was being held in the Banff Centre — ridiculously expensive, but very pleasant and well-organised. The desserts at the buffet meals were fabulous… we all basically reduced our entrees to the minimum and started doubling and tripling up on desserts…

The surrounding countryside was pretty nice, too:



with its local wildlife:



We didn’t see any elk, although we were warned at length about the dangers of the local population, which was in the midst of calving season, and thus apparently very aggressive.

Even the tacky touristy shopping strip is framed by amazing scenery:


All in all, the conference was great. My talk went well, and so did those of my friends; I met lots of new people, and caught up with old friends; I ate and slept well; and I think I even learned a few new things. What more could anyone want?

Now we’re settling into our new summer routine, so I’ll try to post more often — especially if I actually get some knitting done. I’ll also answer the meme Eileen tagged me for soon — but I think this post is already long enough!

Posted by Aven at May 17, 2005 10:47 AM

What great pictures, their pets look lovely. How nice of them to keep you company.

Glad you had such a great trip.

Posted by: Rebekah at May 17, 2005 11:59 AM

WOW! Those pictures are amazing, I can only start to imagine what it is to see this gorgeous view with my very own eyes. Thanks for sharing the pics. :)

Posted by: ~Jo~ at May 17, 2005 01:05 PM

Glad to see you are back safe and sound. I hope I will see you tomorrow night!

Posted by: Dani at May 17, 2005 07:16 PM

Beautiful scenery..sounds like you had a nice ‘break’. (I have a stray coming to visit that looks just like that cat.)

Posted by: Elizabeth at May 18, 2005 11:21 AM

Aven, thanks so much for posting these photos. I didn’t take any myself, and it’s nice to see a record.
Everyone else, Aven was wearing her very beautiful Sari silk poncho for the closing banquet on Saturday night. She was gorgeous.


Posted by: Aara at May 18, 2005 01:29 PM

Last spring I was in Banff, and went to the Jacques Cartier store. They mostly sell sweaters, but had a small area at the back of the store with Quiavit( is that spelled right?) yarn. I bought one ball - it is the softest yarn I have ever had. I still haven’t knit it up, but take it out every once in a while to feel it and remember my great trip.

Posted by: Brenda at May 18, 2005 07:30 PM

Wow, beautiful pictures! Makes me homesick. Even though I’m from the “flat part” of Alberta.

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