September 07, 2005

Home sweet home

Our new home is a little 1 1/2 story 3-bedroom house just on the edge of Sackville. (We’re on the other side of the Trans-Canada highway from “downtown” and the campus – but only 1.8km from the centre of the town!). It’s an older house – the owner grew up in it – but it’s just been repainted and hardwood floors have been refinished. I’ve taken some pictures of the empty rooms (some aren’t empty, but have our travel stuff in them; still, you know what I mean) – it’s hard to get a good sense of them from the photos, but here they are.

First, the study-to-be:


The middle room:


The bedroom-to-be:


The dining room:


The living room:


The kitchen:


The view from the front door:


The view from the back (kitchen) window:


And yes, that’s a barn back there — with cows and sheep, it seems, though we never see the animals, just hear them. It’s actually quite pleasant to wake up to the sound of lowing cattle!

Our stuff is now here, of course, and most of it is even unpacked, thanks in large part to the heroic efforts of my parents, who came for the weekend (from their summer cottage in Nova Scotia) and did yeoman’s work. I’ll try to get some pictures of the furnished rooms this weekend, when I might have done some cleaning and tidying up.

Oh, the other thing my parents were here for was the huge Rolling Stones concert in Moncton — but maybe that deserves its own entry!

Posted by Aven at September 7, 2005 09:19 PM