September 08, 2005


So, yeah. The Stones.

In case you hadn’t heard (there were, after all, far more important things going on in the world, far more worthy of national and international media attention) there was a huge Rolling Stones concert this past weekend, just a half-hour drive from our new home. My parents had bought tickets for themselves and for us as birthday presents, and so we all trouped off there on Saturday. To tell the truth, we were somewhat concerned about the whole thing – mainly because this was going to be a gathering of 85 000 Stones fans in the middle of, essentially, a field on the outskirts of a not-very-large Maritime town; the closest parking was a 2 km walk away; and we were only allowed to bring 1 litre of water each, no food, and no chairs. Nightmare scenarios about riots, exhaustion, dehydration, mud, rain, etc. were in our minds – and the more prosaic worries about comfort and enjoyment.

However, we needn’t have worried. The parking and entrance to the grounds went remarkably smoothly; we skipped the first three bands, so we didn’t have to endure the worst heat of the day, and didn’t get as tired (the concert started at 3 and went until 10:30, but the Stones were on from 8:30-10:30), the weather was perfect, and the crowd (at least right at the back, where we were) was enthusiastic but polite and well-behaved. And, of course, the show was awesome. I like the music fine, but wow – the live show is truly amazing. Even from a good half a kilometre away (or more – I’m an awful judge of distance – but there was a one to two second delay between the images on the screens and the sound from the speakers!) it was enthralling. And that Mick Jagger – he’s as amazing to watch as everyone says. 60 if he’s a day, and he didn’t stop moving once during the whole 2 hour show. Dancing, jumping, running, singing his heart out – I’d have been hard-pressed to have that much energy and strength and flexibility at 18, much less now; it’s almost unbelievable to watch.

The only annoying part of the day was the 3-hour wait in the parking lot (i.e. field) while the hundreds of cars slowly pulled out onto the one back road that led to the highway… we were in the lot with a bad road, and were almost the last ones out of there. But even arriving home at 3am didn’t spoil the mood – it was a great concert, and I’m really glad we ended up going.

I didn’t, however, either knit or take any pictures. I didn’t knit because I was lazy and unsure if there’d be any good chance to do so, and I took no pictures because cameras were banned, and I wasn’t going to run the risk of having my camera confiscated, even if the odds were against it. But of course there are lots of media pictures – you can see pictures of the stage and concert here and all over the web. (The picture of the crowd doesn’t capture the peak, though — people kept arriving throughout the afternoon and early evening).

So thanks, New Brunswick, for hosting such a party to welcome us to the province! Is it like this all the time?

(PS — sorry about the comments — I don’t know why they weren’t working. You can always email me (address in the sidebar) but the comments seem to be working again)

Posted by Aven at September 8, 2005 10:28 PM

Hi Aven,
Your house looks perfect. Just as a maritime house should look I think. Hope you will be happy there.
Brenda in London ON

Posted by: Brenda at September 9, 2005 08:57 PM