September 15, 2005

More (potential) knitting

Well spotted, Dani! Bonus points for the ability to find knitting-related items anywhere!

Only a day or two after receiving Jean’s present, I got another knitting-related present — this one from myself, though! Well, it actually started as a gift-certificate from a student (thanking me for writing a reference letter) but since the gift-certificate was for $5 and in the end I spent $70 (had to get the free shipping, after all!) I think I’d better just say it was a gift to myself. It consisted of more books:


Left to right: “Folk Shawls: 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales From Around the World”, “Patterns For Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans”, “Viking Patterns for Knitting: Inspiration and Projects for Today’s Knitter”. Treats for the whole family! I’ve been yearning after shawls, and now that I have the patterns, I’m going to have to seek out some appropriate yarn… hmm… time to check out the local (i.e. within a couple of hours’ drive — local means something different out here!) yarn stores. And I’m thinking some Briggs & Little for a Guernsey or something for Mark — might as well knit something appropriate from a local yarn while we’re down East!

It’s a little silly planning all this new knitting when I’ve been doing so little recently, and have no money for new yarn — but who cares. Planning is half the fun, right? Who knows when I’ll actually get around to the knitting…

Posted by Aven at September 15, 2005 09:31 PM

I have those 3 books- winners all. Enjoy!

Posted by: Kristen at September 15, 2005 09:55 PM

Which shawls are you planning to make? I have the highland shawl in my future I believe.

Hey, if you ever need me to ship you yarn from Lettuce, you just let me know….

Posted by: Dani at September 16, 2005 05:54 AM

Hi Aven,
London-wul looks wonderful. But you can’t go wrong with Fleece Artist. I just made my husband a sweater from their Tuffy - normally used for socks, but I couldn’t resist the colour. Red Mix, which is red with a bit of charcoal. His sweater is a cable/gansey cross. Pattern goes from top to bottom, has some cables and lots of little knit/purl patterns. He wanted s fishing sweater, and the boat has some red stripes, so why not eh?
Good luck with yours.

Posted by: Brenda at September 16, 2005 08:45 AM

Ohhhh…I love Folk Shawls. I haven’t seen the other books yet. Congrats on your new future projects!

Posted by: Suzanne at September 16, 2005 10:44 AM

Lavold’s Viking book is truly inspiring. I’ve taken several motifs from it and made other thigns, like a scarf and matching purse, a sweater for my husband. It’s a great book, you’ll enjoy it throughly, even for just learning about the history of some of her stitches and where her inspirations came from.

Posted by: Rebekah at September 16, 2005 11:35 AM

I finally got caught up on all your blogs from the end of July, when we headed out here to Nova Scotia, and even though we (Aven’s parents) have seen you twice in between, only now do I feel that I truly know what’s been concerning you during the last two months. Thank goodness for blogs!

Posted by: Sue at September 17, 2005 04:35 PM

Welcome to the Maritimes! This shop is great, and not too far away from you - Wolfville is a really nice place to spend the day!

Posted by: Valerie at September 18, 2005 09:11 AM

Maybe it’s time to start spinning? You could do sheep raids in the middle of the night….I’m just suggestin’ is all. ;)

Posted by: emmajane at September 19, 2005 10:13 AM