October 30, 2005

First installment

My computer has decided (briefly, no doubt) to both turn on AND acknowledge the existence of the Internet (it’s been a rough few weeks for this computer — thank goodness for the department’s computer at school!), so I’ve been able to upload my pictures from my trip to Wolfville last weekend. I don’t think I have time to put them all up right now, though, with proper commentary, so I’ll start with a couple from the drive itself, and I’ll move on to yarn-related news and The Sea (glimpses only) in later posts.

The trees were gorgeous all the way down, but frustratingly hard to photograph. For one thing there was alot of green still, partly because of the coniferous trees, partly because it’s been such a warm fall. And it turns out that my camera can’t really reliably record the beauty of the colours from the window of my car on the highway. The best I could do was this shot, which I stopped to take somewhere along the regional highway cutting through from Truro to Windsor (Nova Scotia):


At least it demonstrates what a lovely blue day it was, but it doesn’t really show the fall colours.

Later on, near Wolfville, I stopped to record the most stunning trees I’d seen yet:


Of course by this time I was in the Annapolis Valley, which at this time of the year is most definitely apple country. Everywhere I looked there were apples for sale, or apple trees:


and boxes and boxes of apples, picked and ready for sale (I presume):


I didn’t have nearly as much time as I’d have liked to explore the area (darn conference!), but I did manage to check out the LYS, Gaspereau Valley Fibres (good call, Steph!). But! That will have to wait for next post — lots of pictures, no time now!

For the moment I’ll leave you with another picture I stopped to take on that regional highway. Can anyone tell me why I took it? It’s a musical reference, strangely enough. (In case it’s not clear, the sign says “Rawdon Gold Mines Campground”).


Posted by Aven at October 30, 2005 04:05 PM

“Worn down shacks of labour past, on a hill of broken stone
Once brought by men to the stamping mills to crush away the gold
But before it could pass to their sons, the glory left the hole
The Rawdon Hills once were touched by gold.”


Posted by: madhava at October 31, 2005 12:21 AM

Great pic of tigger on the side bar. He looks like he is staking out his territory.

Posted by: jean at October 31, 2005 01:35 PM

ahh, fall on the east coast - i pine for it. the first time i was ever out there (visiting friends at art school in halifax, and doing a herbal apprentiship near wolfville) was in the fall of 2000, and i was also out in sackville for halloween last year (and again in hali for the pop explosion). this fall seems to be passing by far too quickly what with school and work and everything else - how i envy you!
we’ll see you soon, is that right?

Posted by: jae at November 1, 2005 01:24 PM