November 18, 2005

Sheep in Toronto

Yes, for some reason I managed to go all the way back to the biggest urban centre in Canada to see an agricultural fair. On Sunday, as a lovely end to a very fun week, my sister-in-law and I went down to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. I used to go the fair quite often before I moved to Toronto — my mom and I would go down to watch the horse shows, often in conjunction with people from our stable who were competing there. Of course, in typical fashion, the last time I went was the first year of undergrad, and from then on I never made it while I was living in the city. It took me moving away to get me back there, apparently!

But I’m so glad Chantal suggested it. It was the final day of the Fair, so some things were gone or past their peak (some of the giant vegetables, for instance, were looking rather shrivelled), but there was still tonnes to see. We visited with the animals, in particular the sheep — and watched people bidding on the prize-winning fleeces. In fact I saw Denny and some friends (from the SnB at LK) at the auction — I hope you got what you wanted, ladies! Of course I completely forgot to bring my camera, in spite of having carried it all the way to Toronto, so I don’t have any pictures for you. But I had a great time petting all the dirty sheep and wandering around the informational booths for angora goats and alpaca.

I also got to watch some horses — a jumper class and a couple of hunter classes. It was so nice to see some jumping in person again, even though it did make me miss riding rather acutely. I never did much competing, but watching the hunter classes in particular brought back all the things I loved about riding. Ah well, maybe someday I’ll have the time, money, and location for it again.

While at the Fair I bought some amazing (and amazingly cheap!) smoked fish and some very yummy goat cheese spread; I then brought those over to Madhava and Kate’s house, where they hosted an amazing dinner for me, Mike, Tyla, and Emily. (Once again, guys, your tourtiere was delicious!). I tried to take advantage of having another knitter there (Emily, working out patterns for her second project, the scarf) but I left one of my needles behind. Damn straight needles — that’s why circulars are so much better for travel knitting! So I didn’t get much knitting accomplished, but I had a fabulous time. I feel almost caught up on the lives of most of my old Toronto friends — very nice.

And then, on Monday, I finished up my photocopying, bought bags of Korean and Indian snacks to take home to Mark, and caught my evening flight back home. A great visit — thanks so much to my various hosts, and to everyone I saw while I was there. It will be a while until I’m back, but I’m looking forward to it already!

Oh, and I still haven’t photographed my knitting. Sorry! This weekend, I promise!

Posted by Aven at November 18, 2005 02:41 PM