December 10, 2005

Thank you

Thank you so much for the condolences. It really meant alot to me to know you were thinking of me, especially since I’m so far away from my family right now.

Last weekend I phoned Nanny, just a few days before she died, to ask her questions about Christmas cake. I was remembering the wonderful decorated cakes she used to make when I was a child, and the trinkets and coins she used to hide in them. I wanted to ask her how she did the decorations and what she put in the cake, since we were making our Christmas cake and wanted to do the same. We chatted about what she used to do, and what I remembered, and she seemed happy that I was continuing some of the things she had done. I’m very glad we had that conversation, and I hope when I ice this cake:


I can try to put into it some of the loving care Nanny always put into everything she made.

Nancy didn’t like having her picture taken very much, but I seem to have managed to take a few nice ones of her over the last year or two. This was taken at my father’s 60th birthday party this past July. I hope it conveys something of what a stylish, warm, loving, energetic, witty, intelligent, considerate, meticulous, principled, interested and interesting person she was — though I know no picture could come close.


Posted by Aven at December 10, 2005 12:31 PM

She sounds like she was a remarkable woman, one you obviously loved very much. Thank you for sharing the story about the Christmas cake, and your Nanny’s traditions around it. When my grandmother (also called Nanny!) died a few years ago, my aunt baked and served a batch of peanut butter cookies that my grandmother had been known for. It’s warming to know how something as simple as a cookie or a cake can have so many memories.

Anyway, I’m rambling. I just wanted to say hello, and see how you were doing. As before, Im thinking of you and your family. Take care, Aven!

Posted by: kelly at December 10, 2005 03:50 PM

She looks like a very nice lady.

I like to think she’s smiling down on you as you frost your Christmas cake.

One of the reasons I make a particular type of Christmas cooky every year is because my grandmother - even when her eyesight was almost gone and it became very difficult - made them and mailed me a coffeecan full every year. I do it mainly to remember her. (but also because they are just plain good cookies and taste “like Christmas”)

Posted by: fillyjonk at December 10, 2005 04:37 PM

I’m so sorry for your family’s loss, Aven.

Posted by: Vicki at December 10, 2005 06:41 PM

Aven, she looks like a lovely lady. Such a sweet thing for you to carry on her traditions

Posted by: Dani at December 11, 2005 09:20 AM

I’m so sorry for your loss Aven and especially at this time of year when the holidays are just coming up. It’s so sad to lose her but I know you’re happy you had that last conversation and you’ll remember it forever and carry on her Christmas cake tradition from her lips to your hands.

Posted by: jan at December 11, 2005 02:32 PM

What a beautiful lady. How wonderful that you had that phone conversation with her last weekend. I’m sure the cake icing will be very healing. Enjoy eating it and take care.

Posted by: Kathleen at December 12, 2005 07:37 AM

So sorry to hear of your loss. You now have a Christmas cake tradition to remind you of her. Take care.

Posted by: Elizabeth at December 12, 2005 10:23 AM

I hope you enjoy the cake and it always reminds you of her. Let her legacy live on.

Posted by: Maria at December 12, 2005 12:29 PM