February 17, 2007

Generational blanket

When we were in Ottawa for Christmas, Mark’s mom gave us two blankets that had been made for Mark and his sister when they were babies. One is knitted, the other crocheted, but I think (maybe I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong) they were both made by Mark’s maternal grandmother. I intend to take pictures of both of them, and also of a couple of knitted things that were made for me as a baby, but so far I’ve only managed one. Here’s the crocheted blanket, which can also be seen in Mark’s baby pictures:


As you can see, it’s lasted very well — it’s an acrylic yarn, I think, but soft; he likes to cuddle with it as he’s falling asleep and as he wakes up.

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Posted by Aven at February 17, 2007 05:04 PM

Awww. Acrylic isn’t all evil. Just some of it is. Some wool is pretty evil too.

Posted by: Carrie K at February 17, 2007 08:51 PM


Posted by: Mom at February 18, 2007 11:33 PM

How wonderful that you are using some of the handknits (oops, and handcrochets) made in your husband’s family. Love that stretches across generations is very special. I think the original knitter/crocheter would be thrilled if they knew their was work was cherished and used for another baby in the family.

Posted by: Kathleen at February 19, 2007 10:20 AM
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