January 31, 2004

It's here!

My complaints must have helped; look what landed on my front porch yesterday afternoon!

It’s Peruvian Highland Wool, in “Nutmeg Heather”. I love the colour, and it’s very soft and slightly fuzzy.

I swatched immediately, of course. I didn’t quite get the gauge I was looking for for Rogue; I’m at 4.75spi, and I don’t want to go up another needle size, because the fabric will be too loose. But I really like this yarn, and want to use it; I also can’t afford to buy any more yarn right now. So, I’m going to go against all the accumulated knitting wisdom out there, and just go up a size on the pattern to compensate for the gauge problem. I was trying to decide between two sizes anyway, so I think it will work out. Famous last words…

I managed to finish the second sleeve of the coat last night, in spite of my cat Tigger “helping” me knit:

tighelp3.jpg tighelp2.jpg tighelp.jpg tighelp1.jpg

And then he decided to strike out on his own:


I think I’ll put off talking about the difficulties of seaming and finishing the coat until tomorrow; I’ll have a better idea what’s going on by then, and I’ve got to make sure I have something to talk about each day! I can’t use everything up at once!

Enjoy your Saturday!

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January 30, 2004


Well, I survived my foray into the outside world, though I discovered that the gym is way too crowded at 2:30 in the afternoon; I need to go back to going in the morning, when I can actually get onto the machines and it’s enjoyable to be there, not stressful. And then, of course, as I knew would happen, no one came to my office hour. But I did manage to get a few errands done, so it wasn’t a waste of time.

In the evening we went on our weekly shopping trip up to our local Loblaws. We don’t have a car, so we use a granny cart and walk the groceries home; it usually takes 15 or 20 minutes to get back with a fully loaded cart. But, of course, it’s particularly snowy right now; and Toronto doesn’t clear the sidewalks, it’s up to each property-owner to do so. So it was something of a nightmare, trying to haul the cart over snow drifts and slush; and then, to top it off, the cart broke, and the groceries were spilling out over the last block or so. Not fun. We need a new cart, I guess; and maybe we should bring a shovel along…

I didn’t get a lot of time to knit yesterday, in the end. I started the second sleeve of the coat, but it (fortunately!) looks just like the beginning of the first, so I won’t put up a picture. And the Lett-Lopi is similarly unphotogenic, though I did finish a few more centimetres. I’m hoping to finish the coat sleeve tonight and start the finishing process.

The “waiting” of the title refers to the fact that I’m anxiously awaiting a yarn shipment from Elann. I’ve signed up for the Rogue-along, though I want to finish at least one of my current projects before I start it (I don’t like having more than two projects going at once, it feels too disorganised). However, I’ve ordered some Peruvian Highland Wool from Elann for it, and I really want to find out whether I can get gauge with it; I’ve been hearing from the other Rogue-alongers that some people haven’t been able to. And I knit tightly at the best of times. So I’m impatient to find out if this wool will work, or whether I have to look for something else. Plus, it’s just fun to get new yarn!

Have a great Friday!

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January 29, 2004

The Outside World

Yes, I’m going to have to go out today. It’s going to be a shock to the system - I haven’t left the house since Sunday. I really am turning into a shut-in; and now that I have even more reasons to spend time online, I run the risk of forgetting entirely how to interact with real, flesh-and-blood people

But today I’m going to the gym, and then I’ll go in and hold a make-up office hour for the course that had its lecture canceled. Of course, no one will actually come to see me, but I’ll feel better having given them the chance to do so. And I can sit in the basement cubby hole that passes for our TA space and do my own work and knit. I think I’ll bring in the Lett-Lopi sweater; I’ve done about 15 cm, so I need another 27 cm before I set aside the body and do the sleeves. But it’s still not photo-worthy.

I did finish a sleeve on the coat, though: bulkysleevedone.jpg

Exciting, isn’t it? Well, not very. I have to make another sleeve, and then I get to start the finishing process. I think weaving in the ends with this bulky yarn is going to be something of a trial, but on the other hand the fabric is so thick it probably won’t show very much.

Off I go, into the great outdoors. With my longjohns and good boots, because the windchill is below -15C.

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January 28, 2004

Vocal Wednesday

I was trying to decide on a title for today’s post, when Shelley Soames, the host of CBC2’s “Take Five”, said “It’s mid-week, so it’s Vocal Wednesday”. Who am I to argue with CBC?
Yesterday I finished the right front of the Reindeer coat: bulkyrfront.jpg

and started the first sleeve: bulkysleeve.jpg

I’m a little worried about the sizing, though. The sleeve is wider at the cuff than the fronts, and even though I went up a size on the two fronts, I’m concerned that there’s no way this coat will be big enough. I’m getting gauge pretty much perfectly, so I’m reserving judgement until everything’s sewn together and the edgings are done, but I’m perturbed. Oh well, if it doesn’t fit me, I’m sure I can find someone who’d like it as a gift. It’s been fun to make, anyway.
Work continues on the grey Lopi sweater, but it’s growing slowly, and grey stocking stich doesn’t make for very interesting pictures.
Last night, just before I went to bed, I saw Kaffe Fassett being interviewed on H&G tv. I’d never seen him in person - he seemed quite pleasant and fun. But you know, while his creations are artistically impressive and attractive, I can’t imagine ever wanting to wear most of the fabrics I’ve seen from him. Not that they wouldn’t look lovely on others, but I just wouldn’t wear them, so I couldn’t face all the work that goes into them. I find I even feel that way about some Fair Isle patterns I’ve seen - they’re absolutely gorgeous, and the work that goes into them is exquisite, but I would never wear something that heavily patterned all over. I think that’s part of the reason I haven’t really ever tried to make one; that, and the price of the kits and the wools that they use!
Alright, off to work. Well, off to the chair and Propertius’ elegies - I don’t have to leave the house today, so it’s all reading for me.

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January 27, 2004


All evening classes are canceled! I don’t have to leave the house!
Not too surprising - the picture in the previous entry was taken around 11:30, after I’d shoveled, and this was taken only 3 hours later:
Here’s another picture, showing how thickly the snow was falling.

So I’m trying to take advantage of the time to get some work done, but I’m failing signally. And I really need to put various bits of information up on the course website, to comfort the students who were expecting to find out about their test tonight.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by and commented today - and thanks for the kind comments. Ty, I am indeed satisfied now, thanks. It’s good to have a purpose in life…

At least I’m getting some knitting done. More pictures tomorrow, I hope.

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Snow Day?

Well, it’s certainly snowy, but as of right now, classes aren’t canceled, so my husband has trekked in to teach. But the evening classes were canceled last night, so I’m concerned that my course will be canceled tonight, which would be unfortunate since it only meets once a week and we have a test next week. Thank goodness for websites, since I’ll at least be able to post the format of the test there, which might slightly reduce the number of panicky emails I get from students. Email is a wonderful tool, but when you have 187 students in one class, they can pile up.

Still, if I don’t have to go in to teach, I can spend the time reading Latin and knitting, so I shouldn’t complain. Last night, after posting, I almost finished the reindeer on the right front (it needs one more row of antler), so I should be able to finish that side tonight, class or no class.

And hello to Anne, and thanks for finding me so quickly! How exciting to wake up and find a comment already! (One that isn’t from my husband, that is. Who, I should add, is the owner of the rugged and handsome hands holding down the curling knitting in yesterday’s post. There, now you’re credited, dear.) Especially one that validates the reindeer.

Now I’m going to make my rounds of the blogs I read, of which Anne’s is always a highlight. And not only because her descriptions of her department and their current job search keep sounding remarkably familiar…

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January 26, 2004


One of the reasons that I didn't start a weblog earlier is that I wanted to be able to include photos; what's a knitting blog without pictures, after all? So I had to wait until we got a digital camera, since I knew there was no way I would have the patience to use our ancient scanner. So here goes my first attempt at including pictures. I currently have two works in progress. The first is a sweater-coat for myself using Bulky Lopi, yarn which was most generously donated to me by my aunt Marie. She wasn't enjoying knitting with it, so she most kindly gave it to me, and happily started a new project instead. I take a sort of guilty pleasure in the sheer volume of this yarn - it's so huge that the knitting just flies along, and the colours and texture are quite pretty in the end, I think. So far I've finished the back: reindeer1.jpg and the left front. Here's the beginning of the right front: reindeer3.jpg and a close-up of the reindeer. I can't quite decide if I find the reindeer charming or cheesy, but I think I'll go for charming for now. The second is a Icelandic-style sweater for my husband, worked in Lett Lopi, in shades of grey. This is actually the same pattern as a previous Lopi sweater I made for him (documented here), which he likes very much. He wanted one in a different colourway, though, and couldn't find another Lett Lopi pattern that he liked, so we just picked a few shades of grey and I'm doing it again. I made the previous sweater quite a while ago, so I'm interested to see if it comes out any differently now that I have a few more years of knitting experience under my belt. Anyway, I'm only a few centimetres past the bottom patterned band, as you can see: lettlopi.jpg Here's another shot of it, with gratuitous use of cat. I'm not quite sure how I ended up working on two Lopi projects at once, but given the weather we've been having here, it seems appropriate. I'm hoping to be finished the sweater-coat fairly soon (I only started it 6 days ago, after all), so that I can wear it. Maybe the reindeer will help me get around in all the snow... I think I'll leave it at that for now. I've got a fair amount of tinkering to do on the blog, and I want to work out some organised way to keep track of my projects here. For now my FO's are still on my old, disorganised page here, which I hope to turn into a better gallery at some point. G'night!
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Not yet!

Well, here goes! This is my belated entry into the world of blogging - specifically, this is intended to be centred around my most consuming current hobby: knitting. I have been lurking and reading other people's knitting blogs for several months now, and I'm very impressed with the friendliness of the on-line community, and the enjoyment everyone seems to get from being part of it. I've decided to stop enjoying it only vicariously, and try my hand at participating. I'll be tracking my progress on my knitting projects, I hope with pictorial evidence of my activities. In many ways this will be merely for my own information and satisfaction, but if anyone else happens by, feel free to let me know!

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