September 25, 2005

Sky, sky, and more sky

First, a word of apology to the Sackville climate. I didn’t mean to imply that it had been overly rainy here in general — in fact, the weather has been lovely, most of the time: bright blue, cool and sunny, with a nice breeze, interspersed with the occasional thunderstorm (a generally pleasant occurrence in itself). I was just tired and cranky when I wrote my last entry.

Second, even though I haven’t posted in time for Sandy’s contest, I was inspired by it to take some sky pictures. Ok, alot of sky pictures — but I’ll only inflict a sampling on you.

In spite of what I said above, this past Friday was, indeed, a very rainy, grey day — so this is what the sky looked like here in the afternoon:


Not the best day for a drive, but I’d planned to go visit my parents at their cabin in Nova Scotia, just overnight Friday. Mark was going to come too, but unfortunately he was laid low with a nasty cold, so I left him shivering in his blankets and drove the 2 hours (well, it took me 2 hours and 45 minutes, but the rain slowed me down, as did the 50 km detour I made as a result of a wrong turning) to my parents’ place. When I got there I found the sky not substantially improved:


However, by the time the sun set, there was a break in the gloom toward the west:


My mom and I took a quick walk down towards the shore and took a couple more shots along the way:



This was a sign of good things to come, for when we arose the next morning, this was the view from the back of their property:


Their place is on the Minas Basin at the end of the Bay of Fundy, a 15 minute walk from the shore. Before I left to drive home we went down to the beach for a quick ramble while the tide was out. The shore is mainly sandstone, carved out by the force of the sea and the extraordinary tides of the region (for some reason my camera declined to record the bright red quality of the rock):


Of course I had to record our presence on the beach — first my parents, then me and my mother:



I’ve also included some pictures of my parents’ place, for those who are curious — but I’ll leave them as popups, since this is already a picture-laden post. The living room, the dining room, and part of the upstairs, where I slept. It’s a cosy, lovely place, though it’s a work in progress — I didn’t take any pictures of the ripped out walls and the construction projects.

One last picture, this one of a local attraction, Burnt Coat park. This is me standing in front of the Burnt Coat “flowerpot” which has been separated from the peninsula in the last 30 years by the action of the tides. The tide is out right now, but you can see how high it gets by the obvious waterline where the erosion stops. After having this picture taken, I got in the car and zipped home to comfort poor Mark, and, sadly, to succumb to the same illness. I’m hoping I didn’t pass it on to my parents and grandmother, too!


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September 20, 2005


It’s currently raining very hard outside, and I’m trying to put off putting out the garbage. The street is much further away from the door, here — I’m going to get very wet…

It rained most of the weekend, though this morning was beautiful and sunny, briefly. I’m going to pretend that the grey cloudiness was the reason I didn’t take any pictures of the (mostly) completed black cardigan. It certainly wasn’t laziness, or a general dissatisfaction with the project that probably comes from having knit it during such a period of transition that I rarely paid anywhere near enough attention to it. (I think it’s both too small and too long — wonderful combination. Oh well!)

Still, whatever my excuse, I have no pictures for you. Also, my computer’s been acting up, and is currently refusing to talk to the Internet. I’m writing this entry from Mark’s computer, but it makes it harder to upload pictures — a moot point, of course, since I took none.

Hmm. I think I’m feeling too bleh to post right now — I should come back to this when I have something to report! I guess I’ll go put out the garbage — and maybe start some new knitting project to liven myself up.

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September 15, 2005

More (potential) knitting

Well spotted, Dani! Bonus points for the ability to find knitting-related items anywhere!

Only a day or two after receiving Jean’s present, I got another knitting-related present — this one from myself, though! Well, it actually started as a gift-certificate from a student (thanking me for writing a reference letter) but since the gift-certificate was for $5 and in the end I spent $70 (had to get the free shipping, after all!) I think I’d better just say it was a gift to myself. It consisted of more books:


Left to right: “Folk Shawls: 25 Knitting Patterns and Tales From Around the World”, “Patterns For Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans”, “Viking Patterns for Knitting: Inspiration and Projects for Today’s Knitter”. Treats for the whole family! I’ve been yearning after shawls, and now that I have the patterns, I’m going to have to seek out some appropriate yarn… hmm… time to check out the local (i.e. within a couple of hours’ drive — local means something different out here!) yarn stores. And I’m thinking some Briggs & Little for a Guernsey or something for Mark — might as well knit something appropriate from a local yarn while we’re down East!

It’s a little silly planning all this new knitting when I’ve been doing so little recently, and have no money for new yarn — but who cares. Planning is half the fun, right? Who knows when I’ll actually get around to the knitting…

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September 14, 2005

Actual Knitting Content!

I know it’s seemed over the past month or two (when I even post at all) that this is a moving blog, and has nothing to do with knitting, but that’s mainly because there has in fact been very little knitting in my life these past few weeks/months. I’ve been slowly working away on the black cardigan, but it’s going slowly — in part because for at least a week or so I didn’t knit a stitch, for lack of any chairs to sit in while doing so, or any tv to watch. Clearly I’m not as dedicated a knitter as some people are; but I’m ok with that.

However, my knitting drought has been broken in a most welcome way. I received a wonderful package from a good SnB friend in Toronto (Hi Jean-Anne!). It contained this:


Well, not the cat — but I thought it was only right to include Tigger in this shot, since Jean is his biggest fan (online, at least — I think Mark claims that position in the household!). And that’s a yawn of pleasure, not boredom, really it is!

The book, in case you can’t tell, is the “Yarn Girls’ Knitting Journal” — a place to record all my projects, with space for labels, and swatches, and all the important pieces of information. I used to have a rather makeshift homemade version of this sort of thing, but it wasn’t very well-organised, and it was nowhere near as pretty. I’d seen this journal before, but it’s the sort of thing I’d never buy myself — but am thrilled to receive as a present! No guilt, all pleasure! Thanks, Jean. It came at a particularly opportune time, too, when I really needed something to lift my spirits and remind me there are people out there thinking of me.

In the same spirit, here’s a picture of some lovely flowers I was sent by my godmother yesterday. They brightened my day considerably, so I hope they do the same for all of you!


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September 08, 2005


So, yeah. The Stones.

In case you hadn’t heard (there were, after all, far more important things going on in the world, far more worthy of national and international media attention) there was a huge Rolling Stones concert this past weekend, just a half-hour drive from our new home. My parents had bought tickets for themselves and for us as birthday presents, and so we all trouped off there on Saturday. To tell the truth, we were somewhat concerned about the whole thing – mainly because this was going to be a gathering of 85 000 Stones fans in the middle of, essentially, a field on the outskirts of a not-very-large Maritime town; the closest parking was a 2 km walk away; and we were only allowed to bring 1 litre of water each, no food, and no chairs. Nightmare scenarios about riots, exhaustion, dehydration, mud, rain, etc. were in our minds – and the more prosaic worries about comfort and enjoyment.

However, we needn’t have worried. The parking and entrance to the grounds went remarkably smoothly; we skipped the first three bands, so we didn’t have to endure the worst heat of the day, and didn’t get as tired (the concert started at 3 and went until 10:30, but the Stones were on from 8:30-10:30), the weather was perfect, and the crowd (at least right at the back, where we were) was enthusiastic but polite and well-behaved. And, of course, the show was awesome. I like the music fine, but wow – the live show is truly amazing. Even from a good half a kilometre away (or more – I’m an awful judge of distance – but there was a one to two second delay between the images on the screens and the sound from the speakers!) it was enthralling. And that Mick Jagger – he’s as amazing to watch as everyone says. 60 if he’s a day, and he didn’t stop moving once during the whole 2 hour show. Dancing, jumping, running, singing his heart out – I’d have been hard-pressed to have that much energy and strength and flexibility at 18, much less now; it’s almost unbelievable to watch.

The only annoying part of the day was the 3-hour wait in the parking lot (i.e. field) while the hundreds of cars slowly pulled out onto the one back road that led to the highway… we were in the lot with a bad road, and were almost the last ones out of there. But even arriving home at 3am didn’t spoil the mood – it was a great concert, and I’m really glad we ended up going.

I didn’t, however, either knit or take any pictures. I didn’t knit because I was lazy and unsure if there’d be any good chance to do so, and I took no pictures because cameras were banned, and I wasn’t going to run the risk of having my camera confiscated, even if the odds were against it. But of course there are lots of media pictures – you can see pictures of the stage and concert here and all over the web. (The picture of the crowd doesn’t capture the peak, though — people kept arriving throughout the afternoon and early evening).

So thanks, New Brunswick, for hosting such a party to welcome us to the province! Is it like this all the time?

(PS — sorry about the comments — I don’t know why they weren’t working. You can always email me (address in the sidebar) but the comments seem to be working again)

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September 07, 2005

Home sweet home

Our new home is a little 1 1/2 story 3-bedroom house just on the edge of Sackville. (We’re on the other side of the Trans-Canada highway from “downtown” and the campus – but only 1.8km from the centre of the town!). It’s an older house – the owner grew up in it – but it’s just been repainted and hardwood floors have been refinished. I’ve taken some pictures of the empty rooms (some aren’t empty, but have our travel stuff in them; still, you know what I mean) – it’s hard to get a good sense of them from the photos, but here they are.

First, the study-to-be:


The middle room:


The bedroom-to-be:


The dining room:


The living room:


The kitchen:


The view from the front door:


The view from the back (kitchen) window:


And yes, that’s a barn back there — with cows and sheep, it seems, though we never see the animals, just hear them. It’s actually quite pleasant to wake up to the sound of lowing cattle!

Our stuff is now here, of course, and most of it is even unpacked, thanks in large part to the heroic efforts of my parents, who came for the weekend (from their summer cottage in Nova Scotia) and did yeoman’s work. I’ll try to get some pictures of the furnished rooms this weekend, when I might have done some cleaning and tidying up.

Oh, the other thing my parents were here for was the huge Rolling Stones concert in Moncton — but maybe that deserves its own entry!

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