July 26, 2006

Farewell to New Brunswick

The internet will be disconnected tomorrow, the movers come Friday, and we set out for Toronto on Saturday. I’ll try to post fairly soon after we arrive, but we won’t have internet at home until at least the 3rd, so it may be a while.

I’m looking forward to seeing friends in Toronto, and to settling into the new place, but I will also miss our home here. And not just because it’s at least 10 degrees cooler here, and far more comfortable — though that may well be my most immediate regret when we leave! The house, and town, have been very pleasant places to spend a year, and I’ve enjoyed the teaching and working here as well. It’s particularly hard to leave when everything’s green and flowery and beautiful.

So goodbye, Sackville — thanks for having us!

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July 24, 2006


A while back it was our anniversary (6th! Already!), and since we try to (vaguely) follow the “appropriate” gifts for each year (according to the no-doubt arbitrary lists we’ve found on the internet), this year we were aiming for iron, wood(ware), and/or candy. (There are ‘traditional’ and ‘modern’ lists, too). Mark rarely eats candy (his Easter chocolate is still mostly untouched) so I ignored that, but I got him some other fun things, to help him develop his own obsessive hobby.

He was clever about the candy and iron (dark chocolates — candy which contains lots of iron, good for baby!) and then got me some books (wood, sort of!) and some cds. All were lovely and much appreciated, but I thought I’d show you one in particular:


This beautiful book is a celebration of the Reynolds Lopi patterns and yarn, and has the best of their patterns from the past 35 years. The patterns are lovely, but the book itself is truly beautiful. I love the inside covers:


If it’s not clear, that’s the inside of the sweater pictured on the front cover (as background to the modelled picture).

There are also many stunning photos of Iceland, like this one:


And the project photos are very enticing — how can you not want to make something pictured with cute Icelandic children and ponies?


Thanks, my dear, for the book — and I’ll try to overlook the fact that you may well be the first beneficiary of a project from its pages! :)

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July 13, 2006

Ongoing preoccupations

Time for another of my infrequent updates. The baby knitting continues, with a sweater, hat, and booties made from the Mission Falls 1824 Cotton that my friends sent me in the spring:



Also, another stuffed toy from a Debbie Bliss pattern. This one wasn’t so difficult to put together, but it helped that I’d made one of her toys before (so the struggles with Nellie were useful, in the end!). I haven’t finished putting on the facial features yet:


Can you tell that it’s supposed to be a rabbit?

Does this help?


If you look at the background of all of those pictures, you’ll see the other thing I’ve been working on lately — boxes. We’re well into packing mode now, and the house is being deconstructed around us. As usual, the big problem is finding places to put the packed boxes… there’s not alot of floor space around here these days!

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July 05, 2006

New home

I’m happy to report that Mark was successful — we will, indeed, have somewhere to live as of August 1! Hooray!

You can see a picture of the new house on Mark’s blog. It’s in the east end, which is counter-intuitive since Mark will be teaching at the Mississauga campus of UofT, way in the west end, but we’re right near the subway, which actually makes us effectively closer to his work than being further west but up north away from the subway. We’re also closer to friends, and access to important things like grocery stores and community centres, so it’s all good. Thank you, my dear Mark, for all your hard work — I’m very grateful!

Now the packing begins…

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