August 30, 2006

Birthday activities

So, Monday was my 30th birthday.

The day itself was a bit mixed — some parts good, some not so fun. To start off, I did get one semi-unexpected present — my wallet, returned to me in the mail!

See, the Friday before last I had my purse stolen while I was at the IKEA in North York. This was, of course, highly irritating (to say the least), but it ended up better than I expected. First, the purse itself was found by someone else and returned to me that evening, although it was missing my wallet, cell phone, and prescription sunglasses. So, I cancelled my credit cards (no charges had been put on any of them) and resigned myself to having to replace all of my government ID — even more annoying than usual, since we’ve just moved provinces, and all of my ID was in transition. Most important, my health care card from New Brunswick couldn’t be replaced, since I am no longer resident there… but I won’t have OHIP coverage until the end of the 3-month waiting period (November, after the baby’s due!).

Anyway, while I was trying to sort that out (and waiting until Monday to get in touch with the gov’t offices) I got a phone call on Sunday from someone in Niagara Falls, New York — who had found my wallet! I don’t know how it got there, all the way from Toronto, but it still had all the gov’t ID in it — giving the person who found it enough information to contact me. That same thoughtful person said he’d put it in the mail for me the next day — and clearly did so, since on Monday morning, my first birthday present was my wallet, with everything important still in it. Hurray for full provincial medical coverage!

However, this triggered the rest of my not-so-fun day. With my temporary driver’s license and SIN card returned to me, it was time to do some other important errands — registering my car, and sorting out some problems with my Employment Insurance application. This is already a long blog entry, so I won’t go through the details — but it involved two visits to the vehicle licensing office, two visits to mechanics, and an hour at the EI office filling out redundant forms. And at the end of the day (spent entirely on these errands) I hadn’t registered the car, and I still don’t have any EI money.

This was very irritating. I may have cried somewhere along the way (yes, I’m a little emotional these days). However, some perspective was achieved when I heard the news coverage of the Katrina anniversary, and of Kofi Annan’s visit to the worst-hit areas of Lebanon. My problems are pretty minor.

Also, I’ve decided that, clearly, the universe was trying to point out to me that now that I’m 30, I really can’t escape the fact that I’m an adult, and that adult life is characterised by unending bureaucracy and irritating responsibilities. Feel free to assure me that this isn’t true!

The day wasn’t all irritating, though — it ended with a nice dinner and a Cary Grant movie. And ice cream. Which will improve any day!

(PS: I started some new knitting! It’s not baby stuff, though. I’ll blog about it soon…)

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August 21, 2006



Sorry it’s been so long. I’ll try to cover the main points of what’s been happening since I last checked in.

We’re moved into the house in Toronto (East York, actually!). It’s lovely — small, but very nicely renovated, and quite cute. I’ll try to get some pictures for you soon.

Unpacking continues — we’ve reached the dangerous point of having all the essentials unpacked, which means that the urgent drive to keep going is waning. But we’re managing to do a little every day, so there’s still hope that we will actually manage to unpack and/or organise everything.

We’ve been acquiring important things — for instance, a washing machine from wonderful friends, who not only gave us the machine, but carried it (with Mark) up their basement stairs and down ours — which I couldn’t help with, of course. It was a heroic task, and we’re very grateful! Also a dresser for me (up till now I’ve been using ones which came with the houses we were in), and shelves for the (huge) basement to store a medley of things on.

We’ve also begun acquiring baby gear. Mark’s father did some research on the essential big items (car seat, stroller, crib) and narrowed things down for us, so it was actually quite easy to go to the store and find what we wanted. Of course, several things are still on order, but we’ve got time. And we do have the car seat now, so at least we’ll be allowed to take the baby home from the hospital!

We have the internet at home, finally — though we cancelled Rogers and went with Bell Sympatico. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to make the wireless part of it work — and haven’t had the energy to phone Sympatico and go through the process of trying to fix it.

We’re both trying to get back into actual work — Mark is gearing up for teaching in September, and I’m trying to get back into thesis writing. The many house-related (and gov’t document-related) errands keep distracting us, though.

I’m feeling well, though sleeping has begun to be a bit more of a trial than I’d like. We’ve been finding doctors, and a hospital, and will be doing a pre-natal class this coming Saturday, so we’re starting to feel at least a little prepared for the coming event. (Almost exactly 8 weeks now…)

I’ve barely knit at all since we left Sackville. The heat was a big factor for a while, but even now that it’s cooled down my energy isn’t high, and it seems easier to veg on the couch and stare blankly at the tv. But I’m hoping to get back to it soon. I have nothing to show, however, since I’ve finished nothing and started nothing new.

Right — that covers the most important things, I think. I’ll try to expand on some of the points in the next little while, and recover my ability to blog at least semi-regularly. Thanks again for the good wishes on the move, and I’ll try to be better about responding to comments!

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August 05, 2006


Hi everyone — thanks for your good wishes. We’re in Toronto now, and the move went very smoothly — except for communications. There are no phone jacks in our house, and they won’t be installed until Wednesday, so we have no land line, just our cell phones — which we’ve finally switched to Toronto numbers, so nobody has our numbers, so can’t call us. And we had our cable internet installed on Thursday, but it hasn’t worked since it was installed — which is very annoying, and made more so by Rogers’ seeming lack of interest in fixing it, telling us how long it will be until it’s fixed, or in any way being concerned at the fact that the problem is entirely on their end and it’s now been three days since we were supposed to be connected, and we still aren’t. Not impressive, especially considering how much important stuff I do online — like changing our addresses with all the many, many companies who like to know where we live.

I’m writing this at the house of some good friends, while I’m doing laundry (and feeding their cat). I’m sorry I haven’t replied to all the comments from the last post — but I hope to be able to catch up fairly soon, if Rogers will cooperate.

And tell you all about the new house and neighbourhood, of course!

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