February 24, 2005


The pictures have arrived! May I just say, I think my dad looks fabulous in his sweater, and I’m thrilled with how it fits him. It’s also nice to see that he’s been able to make proper use of it already!

I’m going to post all the pictures he sent me, because I think they’re all great, and it’s my blog, after all, so what I think goes!

Back from skiing, standing in front of our house (he just has to walk to the end of the block, put on his skis, and head off down the river — in downtown Ottawa!):


And a closer shot, showing the sweater off a bit better:


Skating on the canal:


And posing by (I think) the canal wall:


And thus the saga of the Fisherman’s Rib Sweater, conceived in July, planned in August, started in October, and finished in February, comes to an end, and the sweater begins a whole new life!

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February 13, 2005

I can't believe I knit the whole thing!

Ta da!


The sweater for my father is finished! I started it October 15, 2004 — it took just over four months, though I wasn’t working on it as my main project for most of that time. Details about yarn and pattern are in the sidebar.

The ribbing makes the seams particularly pleasing, I think — the armhole


and the sleeve seam, where the increases in rib produce a nice pattern:


I sewed it all together last night, and then today I washed it and laid it out to dry — which will take several days, I think. I’m afraid that the sleeves are too long, so I’m trying to block them shorter, though I don’t know how well that will work. I can’t wait to see it on my dad, though! I hope he gets some chances to wear it before spring; knowing Ottawa weather, he should.

I can hardly believe I’ve finally finished this project — I’m very, very happy with the final result, and glad to have done it, but it did seem to go on forever — mainly because I didn’t concentrate on it, of course. Now I just need to finish the grey sweater and I can move on to something for myself!

Reading Week begins tomorrow — Mark and I are taking one day off completely from school and work on Monday, which will be lovely. We won’t be doing anything very exciting — just the thought of having no plans and nothing to accomplish makes me rather giddy, though. I may well get some knitting done — but only if I feel like it!

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February 10, 2005

I can't believe it!



It may look like a boring brown sleeve to you, but it’s thrilling to me! That’s the LAST PIECE of my dad’s sweater! I’m already working on the collar — I could be done by the end of the weekend, if all goes well!

Tigger’s excited too:


I’m so close I can taste it… I wish I could just stay at home and finish the darn thing! It’s going to be lovely when it’s all put together. And so nice to send it off to my dad!

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January 29, 2005

Front and back

I’ve finished the back of the grey sweater:


The armholes seem remarkably long, but I’m trying not to worry. I’ve started a sleeve, to try to vary the knitting as much as possible.

I’ve also finished the front of my dad’s sweater, and I’ve attached the left shoulder to the back. I short-rowed the shoulder, instead of casting off, partly in order to be able to use a three-needle bindoff to join the shoulders. I just wanted to make sure it would all work, which is why I went ahead and joined the pieces, even though I still have the last sleeve to complete. The join isn’t as invisible as I would have liked, but at least it matches, stitch for stitch — with 1X1 ribbing that was my biggest concern.


In case you’re interested, here is a picture of the neckline.

I still haven’t quite finished the shawl, but I’m on the last repeat. By the end of the weekend, probably.

It’s warming up a bit, though now it’s grey, of course; Tigger still doesn’t want to go outside (or rather, he wants to go outside, but he wants it to be nice out first) and spends his days much like this:


Such a hard life he leads.

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January 20, 2005


I’ve reached the armhole shaping on both sweater pieces! That means pictures! First, the fisherman’s rib sweater — which I’ve shown before, and isn’t very interesting to look at, so I tried to jazz up the picture a little by placing the piece in its natural habitat, snow:


It’s another cold, bright day here — pretty to look at, though a little challenging to be out in.

Next, here’s the back of the grey sweater for Mark. It’s a raglan, so from now on it’s all decreasing. I love raglans. They make me feel like I’m progressing faster than I am.


And here’s a close-up of the pattern (Fancy Chevron Stitch):


Of course, I’ve still got a long way to go on both projects — but they’re moving along. There’s still a slim chance I could get my dad’s sweater done in time for him to wear it once or twice this year… in Ottawa… maybe.

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January 07, 2005

Boring Update

I’m afraid I won’t have anything very interesting to report on here for a while. I’m halfway through the leg of the second (brown) sock, I have 10 more inches to go before I start the armhole shaping for my dad’s (brown) sweater, and I’ve almost finished the first repeat of the pattern for the back of Mark’s (grey) sweater. None of these things merits a photograph, though I have made progress.

I may have to start some socks for myself or something, just so I can have some colourful pictures to put on the blog while I slog through the miles of man-coloured, man-sized knitting. The world outside is a mucky white, so I can’t even give you scenic outdoorsy shots, and Tigger is persistently curled up in dark corners being unphotogenic. Sorry!

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December 31, 2004

New Year

It seems I’m in my Brown Phase right now. The two projects I’m currently working on, having finished my holiday knitting, are both brown. I have, finally, finished the back of my dad’s Fisherman’s Rib sweater:


and I’ve started the front. I’m pleased with the result, but it’s a time-consuming stitch, and I haven’t been working on it as much as I should. I’m going to try to devote a little more time to it in the next month.

I’ve also picked up a sock that I started in the fall. It’s for Mark, and the pair will match his Ridged Rib sweater — hence the continuing brown theme:


I’m itching to start some new projects, though. Once I’ve finished the first sock of the pair I think I’ll transfer it to computer knitting (along with my dad’s sweater) and start something else. Probably another sweater for Mark — I still have lots of yarn for him, and I want to get through it.

This evening we’re going out with some good friends for dinner, and will then probably come back here to celebrate the new year in relaxed fashion. Every year brings both bad and good, but I wish you and yours more of the good times in the year to come, and the strength and support to endure the bad.

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October 14, 2004

Commissioned Sweater

At the cottage I was knitting on a sweater for my dad. He commissioned me to make him a replacement for a favourite sweater that he lost last year. After describing it to me he looked through a book of stitches and decided that the sweater he used to have was done in Fisherman’s Rib all over. I made him a swatch, and we confirmed it — and chose Paton’s Classic Wool as the right yarn for the job. Now, this is going to make a lovely, warm sweater that will suit my dad very well and be all that he wants it to be. I’m happy to make it. However, the stitch is not designed for quick knitting — not only is it 1X1 rib, but each knit stitch is knit in the stitch below (see link above for a description of the stitch) and so it takes two rows of knitting to achieve one row’s worth of height. In other words, this is going to take a long time! I think I’ll need to work on other things as well, if I’m going to keep my sanity!

Thanksgiving weekend was good for getting knitting done, though. Lots of sitting and talking or singing. I managed to knit most of a sleeve, and finished it Tuesday night:


It’s hard to show what the stitch really looks like, but here’s a fuzzy shot of the cuff and the beginning of the arm, showing the difference between normal 1X1 ribbing and the Fisherman’s Rib:


I’m now working on the back of the sweater, and am about 2” above the ribbing. Stay tuned for more brown ribbing pictures!

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